To the Mom who does the wrong thing, even with the best intentions..

Being a human is hard. Being a Mother can be even harder sometimes... Especially when it comes to the things that we do for our children. I mean, we've never been tasked with making choices for another person before. There's no test run. No practicing. No three strikes and you're out. It's do or die. The right choice, or the wrong one. I know it sounds scary, and it is. It is very scary. Especially when you factor in all that damn Mom guilt, not to mention all the things that have happened in your own life (from childhood until now) that shape the choices you make (Oh yes, I mean both the good things and the bad). It's a lot. A whole lot. But, as parents, and as humans in general really, we

You Might be a Toddler Mom if...

Just when you think that you're getting the hang of this whole Motherhood thing, your kiddo becomes a toddler, and with that comes a whole new version of fresh hell. Everything you thought you knew changes. Everything your kid liked before toddlerhood changes. Everything you've created a fool proof routine for goes to hell and changes. EVERYTHING CHANGES. But, with those changes also comes the best hugs you'll ever receive, the sloppiest kisses you'll ever have planted on you, and the deepest belly laughs you'll ever experience. Being a toddler mom is so hard, but so incredibly fun. So in the spirit of poking a little fun at my toddler Mom status, I've created a list of situations you'll mor

Just Because it Takes a Village Doesn't Mean it has to be a Big One

We've all heard the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child". "It takes a village to raise a child" is actually an African proverb that basically means that an entire community of people need to interact with a child in order for them to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. Essentially, the child must be around many different parts of the village to become a well-rounded individual. As I wander aimlessly through my crash course in being a Mom, I've learned just how true that statement really is. It 100 percent takes a village to raise a child. You need those people in your inner circle to boost you up and help you along the way. You need that friend that's been a Mom and always ha

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