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5 Things You ACTUALLY Need After Giving Birth


You Xena Warrior Princessed your way through childbirth and joined the Mom club. It was scary. It was exciting. It hurt like hell, but here you are, FINALLY at the finish line...

But now what? What happens now? What do you do? What do you need? Oh yes... that's right, you spent HOURS over the last few weeks curating your perfectly packed hospital bag... And how could you forget all the pad-sicles and frozen meals you have waiting for you at home?

If you're anything like me, you didn't use any of that crap. If you're anything like me, you over prepared. You prepared to prepare. You had an entire Pinterest board dedicated to what to pack in a hospital bag. Spoiler alert, I never used my hair straightener or my makeup. Honestly, my hospital visitors were lucky if I was wearing pants, let alone wearing makeup. Hell, people visiting me at my house were even lucky if I was wearing pants...🤷‍♀️

So please stop wasting your time packing a bag full of crap you don't need. Hospitals will supply like 75%, if not more, of the things you need, sexy mesh underwear and pads included...

So here are a few things you ACTUALLY need after giving birth:

1. A Celebration Meal

Girl, get that victory meal. You freaking deserve it. Depending on your labor, you could go more than a day with only eating ice chips. You just brought a freaking human into this world, go big or go home. I fondly remember my daughter's God father coming to my rescue after I gave birth by bringing me as many Sausage biscuits from McDonald's as I could eat... It was one of the greatest meals of my life after going a day and a half with no food because my kid (in true sassy fashion) took FOREVER to be born... I also vividly remember visiting my BFF and sister when she gave birth, and immediately asking what she wanted to eat afterwards... What can I say, when you know, you know!

2. Time

This might sound silly, but one thing you really need is time. I made this mistake when I gave birth and I really regret it. Immediately after giving birth I had friends and family waiting in my hospital room to meet baby. While I absolutely loved introducing my little chunk to the world, I really regret not taking the time to fully process what just happened. I look back and it's all a blur, when in reality I wish my husband and I would have taken a few hours to really spend time alone with our kiddo and let the moment sink in. I wish I would've given myself time to breathe. By all means, have ALL the visitors, but don't forget to set aside some time just for you and your babe.

3. Wound Care

Let's be honest...We're all a little messed up down there after birth. Whether you have a c-section or a vaginal birth, we all have some battle wounds. I was blessed with a 10 pound newborn, so when I say I was feeling the pain, I WAS FEELING THE PAIN. The hospital was great because they basically give you everything you need for taking care of your birthing boo-boos, but home is a whole other story. Make sure you have a few peri bottles on hand, and my personal favorite was Tucks pads. My husband was probably humiliated when people came over but I had ZERO shame. I had a peri bottle and Tucks pads on the counter of every bathroom in the house. Being prepared for the less than glamorous parts of postpartum life can be a game changer as you try to get acclimated to your new life.

4. Support Team

The number one most important thing you need during and after birth is your support team. Hands down... And not even just the people in the room with you while you're in labor. I had my Mom and my husband in the room with me while I gave birth, but I had a few other vital players on my team like my dog and house sitters, and a few key family members that made sure we had all the things we needed! Equally as important are the people with you after birth. My Mom was with us at home which really helped. I was able to spend more time relaxing and recovering while my support team took care of the day to day household stuff. Your village can make entering parenthood so much easier, choose your tribe wisely!

5. Comfort Items

Giving birth is far from comfortable. In all honesty, it's probably the most uncomfortable thing you'll ever do in your life. (Which is ironic because we'll do it again and again for more kiddos) I promise you that you won't care about all the outfits you pack in your hospital bag, or the fancy baby accessories that you have no idea how to operate yet. What you will care about, are the items that make you feel comfortable and at home. Full disclosure, I am a 28 year old with a special blanky. You bet your ass I had my special blanky with me the whole time I was giving birth. Having my comfort item didn't make giving birth any easier, but it definitely made me feel a little more relaxed. I highly recommend bringing a comfort item or two in your hospital bag.

These are my top 5 things ACTUALLY need after giving birth, most of which don't even need to be packed in a hospital bag. Funny how most things that you need don't even require packing... You can pack a Mary Poppins bag full of crap you don't need for the hospital like I did, or you can take a few things you ACTUALLY need, and not waste hours of your life pondering what to pack or not to pack.

What are some things that you couldn't live without after giving birth?

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