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8 Places to Hide When You Need a Mommy Time Out

We've all been there...

Your patience is running thin, your anxiety is off the charts, your head feels like it could explode at any moment...

Your house is a total disaster zone, your kiddos are acting like wild beasts, and you just cannot deal. It happens to the best of us...

You need a Mommy time out.

But where?

Where can you hide? How long before your little monsters notice you're gone? Can you make it to Mexico by sundown? Probably not...but, here are some other great places to hide when you need a Mom break.

1. The Bathroom

Some Mamas would argue that this isn't a great place to hide, but I disagree. As long as you can lock the door and ignore the little fingers wiggling wildly under the door, this could be the little slice of paradise you've been frantically hoping for. It's amazing how running the shower can sound like ocean waves when you're desperate...

2. The Laundry Room

"Hey honey, I'm going to go do the laundry. Watch the kids..." PSYCH. I'm really going to go in there and try to calm myself down before I go all "Mommy Dearest" on my entire family. You think I'm searching for those socks that somehow magically disappear? Nope. I'm breathing deeply and pretending I'm on a warm beach somewhere while the dryer gives off heat.

3. Any Closet

This is definitely more of a short term hiding place. A dark and quiet little spot for you to pull yourself together. It might be small and uncomfortable, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

4. Your Car

Sometimes a full on escape is the best option. Your car can be your happy place. Turn on your jam, roll down the windows, and relax. Honestly, sometimes I just sit in my driveway with the car running.. no shame in my game.. sometimes I just need some Beyonce and the open road (or driveway).

5. Your Parent's/In Law's House

This is the holy Grail of hiding places, because you don't actually have to hide. Olivia's grandparents jump at any opportunity to spend time with her! We just head to Grandma and Grandpa's and it's like a little day vacation for Mommy. Sometimes I even drop her off for the day and have a day to myself. Never take for granted the blessing of having family members near by! They might just save your sanity!

6. The Play House

Take advantage of "the land of misfit toys". This is the place where old toys go to collect dust. Where ever your kids ditch the toys they are done with, hide there, they will never find you! My daughter has a play tent that she's abandoned that I sometimes sit in when I need a little breather. It never fails to do the trick!

7. Target

Okay...not necessarily a hiding place, but how could I not include Target on the list? Target is the place where mom dreams come true. My little rugrat could never rain on my Target parade. A Starbucks coffee for Mama and a cake pop for kiddo, what's not to love?

8. Work

I'd consider this the "lesser of two evils" hiding spot. Does any Mom really like to leave their kids to go to work? I don't, but some days, if it wasn't for work, I would skip town and never come back. It's nice to go to work and talk to people that actually talk back to you. (Without whining, screaming, crying, and jibberish, of course!)

Every mom has their moment. It's an unavoidable part of motherhood. Where do you hide when you need a Mommy time out?


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