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10 tips to save your sanity when Mom life gets hectic

Mommy meltdown happens to the best of us. As Mothers, we give, and we give, and we give. And just when you think we couldn't possibly give any more.... We give some more. But what happens when we really have nothing left to give?

Oh yeah, that's right... that CAN NEVER happen. We are Moms. We kick ass and take names. No shame in slaying the Mom game.

I'd be lying if I said I have never come close to losing my shit though...I'd actually like to think I'm an expert in the art of losing my shit (we're all good at something, right?), which is why I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for making it work when it just doesn't seem possible to keep it together...

1. Plan Ahead

If you know me at all, you know that I LIVE to plan. One of my most useful neurosis is my urge to plan every detail of my life. Yes, sometimes I may take it a little to the extreme, but in most cases, it really pays off! My planner is my life line! I always know what events and shenanigans are coming down the pipe line, and in response to that, I am always prepared! I lay my clothes out each night before bed, and get everything I can ready for the next day. It might not seem like a lot in the moment, but when you are a mom spinning 10 plates in the air simultaneously, a little preparation makes all the difference!

2. Delegate Tasks

If you are a control freak like I am, this is a tough one, but so important! As much as we want to be able to do it all, we are still human! Accept help when you can! My husband is amazing at helping take things off my plate. Sometimes he might need a little push in the right direction, but as long as I ask, he is always willing to do whatever I need him to. He still complains (he's still a husband after all!)...but... he ultimately does it, and that is what matters!

3. Utilize Services That Save Time

This is a relatively new tip that I've discovered, and let me tell you... I will never go back! GROCERY PICK UP is a total game changer... I used to spend SO much time grocery shopping each week...Now I come home from work every Friday, put on a movie to watch with my little one, and I order groceries...right on the couch.. while spending time with my favorite girl... It is so easy and so convenient. I generally order Friday night for Saturday morning pick up, that way my husband can pick up the groceries Saturday morning while I feed Olivia breakfast and do the laundry... (delegating, planing ahead, and utilizing services that save time, all at the same time!) I personally use Walmart grocery pick up, but whatever service you use will save you time!

4. Meal Prep

I recently got back on the meal prep band wagon, and I am ALL about it. I spend every Sunday morning doing my meal prep for the week. I've actually found it to be strangely relaxing, and I really enjoy it! It makes me feel like I have my life together...(Let's all have a good laugh at that!) I just choose a breakfast, lunch, and dinner option to prep and then I portion it in to containers and then I'm done! Super simple, it takes me an hour or two and I'm set for the week. I love not having to rush home after work and figure out what I'm going to do for dinner.

5. Accomplish Tasks As You Go

NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING UNDONE. That is how housework and other things we hate build up! If you make the conscious effort to clean as you go or organize as you go it can make SUCH a difference!

6. Be Realistic

As much as we believe we can do it all, some times that is just not possible. Realizing and accepting that is half the battle. Don't hold yourself to such a high standard that you can never meet it. We are moms, but we are still humans! We don't have to be perfect all the time as much as we want to be. Understanding that will help you celebrate the small wins instead of stressing over the losses.

7. Focus on What You Accomplish, Not What You Don't

I am a bit of a perfectionist (if you couldn't tell), and this is something I am really working on doing better. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that don't go according to plan or the things that you fail at. This is a toxic way to look at things. Celebrate the progress, don't mourn the losses. We all lose sometimes, that doesn't mean winning is impossible. Nothing is permanent!

8. Formulate Some Variation of a Schedule

I've never been a follower of strict schedules, but I do believe that some sort of structure is important! Having a schedule keeps you on track. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to work for you and your family!

9. Make "Me Time" a Priority

I cannot stress this enough, SELF CARE IS SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. Becoming a Mom is one of the most drastic changes you'll go through in your life. You can't be a good Mom if you don't take care of yourself first. Any little bit of "me time" can make a difference. Work out, go to the store alone, take a nap, have girl time... Do what you need to do to make sure you don't lose yourself. You are the glue that holds your family together, you have to keep yourself strong to hold everyone together!

10. Play Time is the Best Medicine

Nothing brings me back to reality and calms me like chilling with my little one. Hanging out with Olivia just puts things back into perspective after I've blown things up in my head and gone a little crazy. Make play time a priority. Make any quality time with the kiddos a priority. It is so easy to get swept up in bills and work and other parts of life that just aren't as important as family. Always plan for kiddo time. You'll be so glad you did. Before we know it, they'll be grown ups!

What are some of your sanity saving hacks?

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