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Night Time is the Right Time

I've discovered that 830pm is the "golden hour" in the parenting world...

Depending on the day, I get home from work anywhere between 430pm and 630pm. I come home excited to see my little one after a long day. We eat, we play, we snuggle. (I love, love, love the snuggles)

Then, around 730ish, the countdown begins... As soon as I see her little hands rubbing her little eyes I get a sense of excitement and accomplishment... Sometimes we do bath time, sometimes we just throw on some cozy jammies.. Around 8ish I'm making what I hope is my final bottle until the morning. (We still aren't so good at sleeping through the night..) Then we go up to the nursery and cuddle in the rocking chair while drinking said bottle and listening to our Baby Einstein sound soother...As those little eyes fight like hell to stay open, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this child goes down without a fight.

If all goes according to plan, by roughly 830pm, I am coming down the stairs and curling up on the couch for some much anticipated me time.

Night time is TOTALLY the right time...from 830 until how ever late I can manage to keep myself awake I am free to do what I want, when I want, how I want. No baby cries, no baby shenanigans, just me and my Bravo TV.. My guilty pleasure.. I am not a Mom at that point. I am my own human being, and ugh, it feels so good.

I absolutely love being a mom and a wife, but sometimes I need to remind myself that I am still just a 26 year old woman that loves wine and bad reality TV...

Anyone else depend on their after bedtime alone time?

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