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The Sippy Cup Saga.

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According to the obnoxious amount of Googling I've done, most babies start to use a sippy cup around 6 months of age. As Olivia approached the golden sippy cup right of passage, I got so excited! My little angel was growing up before my very eyes! I went out and bought the cutest (Minnie Mouse OBVIOUSLY) cup I could find.

I bought it home, excitedly filled it up, handed it to Olivia, and held my breath.......

....and nothing....

This chick was not having it... I tried holding it up to her mouth....nothing.. I tried showing her how to use it...nothing.. She held it and shook it and laughed...

I was bummed, but thought maybe I just didn't buy the right type of cup. There are so many damn different types of sippy cups.... So back to the store I went... This time I chose functionality over appearance. I got home and filled the new cup up once again, and still nothing.... NOTHING...

What the hell? I just didn't get it. Google said this was the time! I'm one of those moms who obsesses over their children hitting their milestones according to the "norm", so this was not working for me.. not one bit..

Over the course of a few weeks I bought 7 different styles of sippy cups, and not one of those 7 worked out. I stressed myself out for weeks wondering how I became such a failure of a mom. It was the worst.

The line up of failed sippy cups!

But, you know what? It's okay... Olivia is going to figure it out when she is ready to figure it out. I, as her mom, just need to calm my crazy butt down and let my little chick figure it out on her terms.

Olivia is now 9 months old and still does not get the whole sippy cup deal, but thats fine...because she holds a bottle like a champ and as long as she is able to drink from something then that's enough for me.

Olivia is sticking with the bottle!

So if any moms have some sippy cup tricks, drop some knowledge on me!


Olivia FINALLY started drinking from a sippy cup at 11 months. She still prefers a bottle, but she can definitely drink from a sippy cup and I could not be happier!

The Sippy Cup Saga

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