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Where There's Blood, There's a Panicked Mom

I always thought of myself as the cool, calm, and collected mom... You know, the one who doesn't sweat the small stuff. If Olivia touches a shopping cart handle that isn't wiped down, it's just building up her immune system. If she accidentally eats something she shouldn't, it will go right threw her...

I really prized myself on being "that" mom.

Well folks... I was tested... and I am NOT that mom.

Olivia had been sick over the weekend, and my husband and I were doing our "calm and cool parenting thing". We didn't freak out about it, we just gave her medicine and kept her as comfortable as we could. She had the WORST stuffy/runny nose, so we were constantly wiping her nose and utilizing our handy dandy nasal aspirator aka booger sucker.

Saturday night, when it was finally bedtime (The greatest time for all moms, especially on the weekends; refer to my "Night Time is the Right Time post ; D ), my husband and I decided to do one last nasal aspirator attempt before bed.

I should mention that Olivia HATES the nasal aspirator...

As my husband stuck the aspirator into Olivia's nose, blood started coming from her nostril.

In that moment, I lost my mind.


My husband ran Olivia to the kitchen as I quickly followed behind. We grabbed tissues and fought Olivia's flailing arms to wipe her poor little nose. My husband looked on the brink of tears and I kept saying "It's fine! It's fine! It's fine!"(although it totally was not fine)

Our panic, caused her panic, which caused us to more panic.

Finally we were able to calm Olivia, and the nose bleed stopped. I wiped her tears away as I held in my own. We put Olivia to bed, and although she slept through the night with no problem, we did not. My husband and I were up all night long checking on her. Of course she was fine, and I'm sure her nose was just dry from being sick and the dry, cold Michigan weather, but damn....

My poor little one post bloody nose

I learned that sometimes you can't be the "calm, cool, and collected" mom. I thought I was immune to it, but I think the worry and the panic is just part of the being a mom deal.

Any other moms out there relate?

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