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Please Eat the Green Beans

Olivia has always been the best eater. She would literally eat anything, and she'd eat a lot of it. In hindsight, that is probably due in part to my disturbingly overindulgent eating habits while pregnant (Turns out that pizza and taquitos aren't necessary daily staples for pregnant women). Which is also probably why I gained 85 pounds during pregnancy.... but that is not where this story is heading....

The point is that Olivia never turned away anything we'd feed her. She LOVED everything, and it was amazing, and I took it for granted...

Olivia loving some sweet potatoes!

Now, as Olivia is heading into toddler status, she is becoming the CHOOSIEST CHILD ON THE PLANET, and it is driving me bonkers.


This chick would eat anything! Fruits, veggies, bread, eggs, mac & cheese, peanut butter & name it, this girl ate it. Now, she winces in complete horror at the sight of green beans. She sucks the cheese off the noodles in her easy mac, then spits the naked noodle back onto her highchair tray. This little evil genius licks the jelly off of her PB&J, then tosses the remaining bread and peanut butter to our eagerly awaiting puppy, Lily.

Always ready for scraps!

It has now become the norm for me to make her multiple things for a single meal, and I'm lucky if she eats a few bites. As a result I'm buying every type of baby food (Happy Baby, Gerber, Earths Best, Nurturme, GoGo Squeez; you name it, I've bought it $$$$) and any type of table food that I can think to give her to try.

Super frustrating...super stressful...super expensive...

I just want Olivia to eat the damn green beans....

I've tried hiding them in other food. I've tried setting them on her highchair tray and pretending like I'm not watching her eat them. I've tried sneaking them into her mouth before she realizes what I'm giving her. Nothing works. Nothing.

Long story short, send me some tips Moms, Because this honest mom is losing her damn mind.

She'll always eat the cookie...

P.S. This is her face after eating a cookie...not anything of nutritious value... help.

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