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10 Things I Miss About My Pre-Baby Life

1. Sleep

I feel like this is the OBVIOUS thing most parents miss. I never knew what it felt like to be tired until I had a baby. I thought I knew, but I'd kill to be the level of tired I was before I had a baby. Sleep is fleeting with motherhood. Drink the caffeine. Drink it all.

2. Blaring the Radio

This is something not every mom misses, but this mom sure does. I am the chick that likes to turn boring car rides into dance parties for one. I turn on some Queen B and my car becomes the club! The louder the better. When my little one is in the car, my Beyonce has to be at a more responsible level.

3. My Body

If you've been following my posts, in "Please Eat the Green Beans", you'll recall my tale about my 80+ pound pregnancy weight gain. Shit got real during those 9 months... I ballooned (due to my own irresponsible and unintelligent choices) to 245 pounds. Since then I've been kicking my own butt trying to get back down to my usual weight range. In the almost 10 months since I had Olivia I've lost just shy of 80 pounds. I AM ALMOST THERE! But lets be honest, some parts of a mama's body will just never be the same....

4. Lack of Mom Guilt

This is something I NEVER expected when I became a mom...So much guilt...ALL THE TIME. I leave Olivia to go to work, I feel guilt. I get a babysitter to go out (which is rare anyways), I feel guilt. I don't let her play with the TV remote like she wants, I feel guilt. The list goes on and on... It is unrelenting and never ending... Mom guilt for life.

5. Clean House/Space

Why does it look like a toy store threw up in my house ALL THE FREAKING TIME?!?!?! I feel like I spend more time putting toys away then Olivia does even playing with them... and they multiply... I find toys on the living room floor that I swear I've never even seen before, let alone remember purchasing... Its crazy, I need a bigger house with a designated playroom asap.

6. Long Showers

Gone are the days of long, relaxing, and uninterrupted showers...They were great while they lasted.. Now I stick my head out of the shower every 5 minutes because I swear I can hear Olivia crying... Sometimes my legs get shaved, sometimes they don't.... That's motherhood folks!

7. Spontaneity

What does this even mean??? We don't do ANYTHING on a whim anymore.. There is a plan in place for everything. I plan for the plans. Nothing happens without a diaper bag being packed or a bottle being prepped. Nap times must be coordinated (to a certain degree). The only surprises this mama receives these days are in a diaper.

8.Having an Actual Day Off

What a novel concept. A day off. I am lucky enough to have worked out a 4 day work week with my boss so I get Friday-Sunday off work. People always ask me what my plans are for my day off... Dishes, laundry, house cleaning, watching the Disney channel, keeping my little one alive... I don't think "days off" exist once you're a parent, and honestly, if I had a day off, I'd miss my kid too much... How's that for a catch 22?

9. Staying Up Late

If I make it to midnight it's a freaking miracle. Most nights, as soon as Olivia is put to bed around 8, this chick is in bed shortly after! I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to stay awake for some quality "me" time, but I just can't do it... And if by some miracle I can stay awake, I deeply regret it when Olivia wakes me up at 5 AM, chipper and ready for the day...

10. Money

More like lack thereof. Before motherhood, if I wanted a new outfit or shoes, I'd go to the store and buy it. Now, I weigh the pros and cons of making a purchase, or I think about all the things I could buy for Olivia instead of for myself... I guess that's the price you pay (no pun intended) when you love someone else more than you love yourself.

What do you miss about your pre-baby life?

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