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Pinterest Fail

I normally like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person...I live for a good Pinterest project, especially since becoming a mom.

I'm the type of mom that's OBSESSED with preserving my sweet little nuggets childhood. I did footprint butterflies for Mother's Day, hand print clay ornaments for Christmas...Obviously Valentine's Day would be no exception..I found some cute options, and finally decided to do a decorative serving plate. The plate was supposed to say "love" in cursive letters. The "o" would be Olivia's hand print, and the "v" would be two of her footprints put together.

I WAS SO PUMPED! I always feel so accomplished and proud of myself after successfully completing a craft.. I feel like a total badass super mom!

...Let's just say that this craft did not go so well... It was more like my biggest Pinterest fail so far...

I decided to make 3 plates. One for each of Olivia's Grandmothers, and then one for me. Let me start by saying that my first mistake was attempting to do this alone... Every other time I've done a craft with Olivia I've had someone else there to help me.. but this time I was feeling a little over confident.

How hard could it be right? HA....

I gathered all the supplies (paint, brushes, plates, baby wipes to clean up..) and set the oven to bake the paint on the plate when it was done.

I at least had the forethought to undress Olivia down to just her diaper beforehand.. .but let me tell you I definitely DID NOT think through anything else.

Like how I was going to hold Olivia with one hand, then simultaneously be able to apply paint to her hands and feet, while also holding the plate steady and be pressing said hands and feet on to the plate.


As soon as I dipped the first foot in the paint I realized I made a mistake trying to attempt it.

In that very moment little hands and feet were flailing, tears were falling, paint was splattering, I was sweating..

And in what felt like a blink, it was over.

Olivia was a mess. I was a mess. HOT PINK PAINT WAS EVERYWHERE.

And what was supposed to be a "v" made from 2 foot prints, was a massive hot pink blob with toes.. well, what could pass for toes if you really looked close enough...

I was so upset! My perfect craft ended in disaster!

The solution? I fudged it...took a baby wipe and wiped the blob to make it look like a foot..that counts right?

All in all it turned out decent looking, but it makes one hell of a story to tell Olivia one day..

What was your biggest Pinterest fail?

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