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Diaper Disasters & How Moms Make It Work

Normally I only post once every few days...but this morning.. I had a TERRIFYING experience that I COULD NOT continue on with life without sharing!

Olivia woke up from her morning nap, and as usual, I grabbed her from her crib and brought her downstairs to change her diaper. As I laid her on the floor to change her, I caught the whiff of #2...Little did I know that it would be a diaper explosion of epic proportion...

As soon as I undid the diaper I knew it was going to be a TOTAL SHIT SHOW (no pun intended).

See, Olivia is in this stage where every time you change her diaper she immediately tries to grab her lady bits. I opened the diaper and was met with the most epic poop, smooshed all up her front and back. I quickly went to grab a wipe before her hands flew into action, but I was too late...

Before I could even think to react her hands were in the poop and I was in full panic mode! I swear in the moment I sprouted a damn third arm because I was holding her legs to avoid getting her feet in the poop, I had both of her poopy hands with the other hand, and in my head I was just praying to the lord that she would not get this crap inside of her mouth! Although I did wonder if her eating her own poop would be more sanitary than the shoe she licked in my prior post, "Apparently We Don't Lick Shoes Is Something I Say Now"...

I have absolutely no clue how I did it, but I was somehow able to get the poop off her hands, clean her up, and re-diaper her without incident.

This totally got me thinking...As a Mom it amazes me the things we are able to do, simply because we have to do it. We can make the craziest of situations work out in the end. While changing a terrifying diaper is low on the totem pole of shitty things we have to do as Moms, it still gets done and is fine in the end.

I have to say I felt an odd sense of satisfaction after I had Olivia cleaned up and ready for the day.. Olivia tried it...but not today girlfriend... not today.. Mama has got this!

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