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The Temper Tantrum Tango

Isn't there a saying out there that says if you are a strong willed child it will come back to you tenfold when you have children?

...I feel like I've heard that before, and I'm sure at the time I shrugged it off as something my mom would say just so I'd behave..



My Mom calls it "inquisitive" , but I call it nosy as hell....and feisty....very, very feisty...

As Olivia steamrolls towards the tender age of 1, she gets more and more testy.. and at first, it was cute... you know, like when she tried to reach up to pull something off a table, and when you said no, she just looked up at you and smiled (as she continued to reach)..

...But now, she will literally look you in the face, holler at you in her own little argumentative baby language and continue to power on in whatever shenanigans you don't want her doing..

She is the DEFINITION of strong willed...

I remove her from doing whatever trouble making she's doing, and she will continue to go right back to it multiple times... honestly, after a while I become impressed at her persistence! (But I will never show it!)

The point is that this whole tantrum deal is becoming like a terrifying tango of who is going to give in first.. and I got news for this little chick.. It ain't this Mama!

Yes, she tests my patience...but I've got time on my side... I, unlike her, don't need naps (although, I would kill for one..).. so I just wait her out until bed time...

When I really think about it, I appreciate her drive and persistence....Right now it might drive me nuts, but who knows...maybe she will run a fortune 500 company one day, or become president....a crazy, crazy president, but we've seen crazier things right????

Who else has a wild child, and how do you handle it?

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