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5 Tips For Trips Without Kids

The BIGGEST struggle of being a Mom is the horrible roller coaster of emotions you feel when you leave your little one for any substantial period of time... I've written about it so many times, and still, I am always surprised when it strikes....

This past weekend I took a road trip with my mother and sister-in-laws to Iowa to visit my other sister-in-law who lives there...weeks ago when the plans were made, a weekend of baby free life sounded AMAZING... that's how it always goes with being a Mom... Leaving your baby sounds great in theory, but in practice... It's like leaving your heart at home..

We Finally Arrived!

Getting Ready For A Night Out!

The road trip and first night out at the bars was so refreshing... The drinks....the music...the dancing...the laughs.... I felt like who I was before I became a Mom... so freeing... no butts to wipe or bottles to clean... No waking up to a screaming child...

But, I'll tell you what...when I did wake up that next morning in the hotel...I sort of did wish that I was woken up by cries.. I actually missed it...

I missed Olivia so badly... it truly is the curse of motherhood... the thought of getting away and being baby free is so freaking exciting, but then when you actually get what you ask for....It sucks...

So...after reflecting on my amazing, but terrible all at the same time, trip...I've got some tips for taking trips without your little ones:

1. Stay in the moment

Keep busy! Live every moment 100%. When you look back at your trip you want to remember the great memories you made, not that you kept pulling up baby pictures and videos on your phone and thought about just wanting to go home....It's easier said than done, but focus on the fun you're having rather than what you're leaving behind. You will always regret not taking full advantage of being without your little one! These chances are fleeting!

Living It Up

Making Memories

2. Remember You Need "Me Time"

Remember that you are A BAD ASS MOM, and you DESERVE this free time. Self care is SO incredibly's so easy to get caught up in diapers, bottles, and toys and forget to take a moment for yourself. You are a Mom, but you are also a human being that can get burnt out! Take a little breather for yourself whenever you get the chance. Just know the kiddos will be there waiting for you when you get home!

3. Communicate, But Not Too Much

If you're going away for more than a day or so, you'll obviously want to communicate with your kiddos and who ever is taking care of them, which is expected...but don't overdo it... The more you communicate with who you've left at home, the more you will dwell on how much you miss them! Don't punish yourself! Keep things short and sweet, then go back to doing your "non-mom thang"!

4. Keep The Whole Scheme Of Things In Perspective

Don't forget that you won't be gone forever! Your trip will come to an end, and you'll be with your babes before you know it. I mean really, what is one weekend when you've got your whole life with your littles! Putting things in perspective in that way is so helpful when you're feeling like you'll be away from your kids for too long.

5. Consider That This Gives Your Child More Time To Bond Other Family Members

This is a prime opportunity for your little one to get closer with other family members! It makes me feel so much better knowing that Olivia was bonding my my husband while I was away. Quality Daddy, daughter time that wouldn't have happened otherwise!

Daddy Daughter Time

Daddy Daughter Date

Over all, even though I missed Olivia like crazy, I had SUCH a wonderful time with my husband's family! I love them so much, and it was so refreshing to have a fun and relaxing trip with the girls! Taking time away from your little ones is so hard, but so necessary...

My Beautiful Sister-In-Laws and I

Having Fun!

What are your tips for taking trips without your little ones?

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