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6 Ways Women Change Once They Have Kids

Motherhood is amazing. It is this crazy physical, mental, and emotional transformation that changes who we are. It is beautiful and terrifying and exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. It is a freaking miracle, and as women we are given this incredible ability to give life and then care for that life fiercely and intensely....

Long story short, Moms are BAD ASS (I've said this many times), and after having kids, we change and basically become superheroes...

Here are 6 ways we change after becoming Moms:

1. Heightened Senses

I swear, my "mommy senses" tingle at least 10 times a day.... It's like I'm hyper tuned into what my kid is doing out of the corner of my eye, and I can see the future playing out before it even happens.. .Yes, I see you sweet child of mine, sneaking over to the Tupperware cabinet to carry out some sort of shenanigan...Or when it gets unnervingly quiet in the house.. you know your little hellion is discovering some new way to find trouble...I was never that in tune before I had a baby.. I was in my own little oblivious world, but now... I see you girl...I see you...

2. Faster Reflexes

Just like our heightened senses, our reflexes become super fast. I can't tell you how many times my super speed has avoided a potentially terrifying situation... Like the time Olivia almost fell off the couch (this actually happens quite regularly), or the time she climbed into the Tupperware cabinet, only to fall out and almost hit her face on the floor...but utter disaster was avoided because I was on my "A" game, and my lighting fast reflexes saved the day...

3. Becoming More Aware

As a Mom you become so much more aware. It might not even be a big thing to other people, but to a Mom... it's ALL ABOUT AWARENESS. For example, I might see a string on the floor. To another person, it might seem like not a big deal, but to the Mom in me, I know that if my child sees that string, she will most likely try to eat it. As Moms, we need to be super vigilant to things that other people might not even think about...Before I became a Mom I rarely thought twice about anything..

4. More Sensitive

This might not apply to all Mom's but it DEFINITELY applies to me....I was such an insensitive human being before I became a Mom... I was so wrapped up in my own life and what I had going on... I often failed to take other people's thoughts and feelings into consideration... Since becoming a Mom, I am SO sensitive.... Having Olivia has completely softened my hard exterior, and now I am a big pile of loving mush... which... is definitely a change for the better...

5. More Family Oriented

I have always loved family time, but I don't think I fully understood the value and importance of family until I became a Mom. It is so easy to take family for granted, but you realize just how vital those relationships are once you start trying to build a relationship with your new little one. Family is EVERYTHING...and by family, I don't necessarily mean blood relatives... Sometimes people you have no relation to are more family to you than those you are related to...Family is your inner circle, the ones you know that you can count on... As long as you have that, all is right with the world. It is definitely true what they say about it taking a village to raise a child...

6. More Love

It blows my mind how my capacity for love just exploded when I had Olivia. The level of love you have for your child surpasses every single thing on this planet. Loving this tiny human you created with love, is just the most incredible gift... and it is totally impossible to explain to people who don't have kids... I probably sound like a total weirdo right now... but the amount and intensity in which I love, has been forever changed by Olivia. The love you feel for a child is a different kind of love that you just don't have with anyone else. It's crazy.. so crazy..

In what ways has Motherhood changed you?

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