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Date Night As A Parent

My relationship with my husband has changed so much since we became parents...

I could it not? He's seen me poop during birth, whip my boobs out at any time or place, wear sexy mesh underwear while bleeding like a stuck pig....

We have transitioned a lot since meeting 7 years ago!

one of our first pictures!

(^^^^We look so young! ^^^^)

We rarely get quality time together, so once in a while we arrange for Olivia to go to her grandparents for a night so we can go out on a date. These nights require copious amounts of planning and advance notice.... We make all these arrangements and get SO excited to FINALLY have some alone time.

This weekend was no exception...

My husband and I made plans to go to dinner and a movie. We planned for Olivia to go see Grandma and Grandpa, and we started looking forward to our "hot night out"

Well... obviously things did not work out the way we planned, because here I am writing about our misfortune..

Friday night was just another typical Friday...I came home from work and hung out with Olivia until my husband came home. We put Olivia to bed and everything was fine. Saturday we woke up to Olivia screaming bloody murder. Mind you, this is typical of Olivia just wanting to get out of her crib (she is SO dramatic!). I got her out of the crib and still she continued screaming. I could not figure out what was wrong. I took her downstairs and into the light and realized her eye was swollen and very red. She was rubbing it like crazy...At first I thought she might have gotten something in her eye, but I figured I'd call the pediatrician just in case...

Well.. the prognosis was PINK EYE..

This was not part of the plan... not in the slightest...

We got some eye drops and I wiped down all of her toys. I also washed her crib sheets and all of her blankets.. I prayed to God that my husband and I would not get it! SUPER relieved to say that we didn't get it!

At that point we thought our plans for the evening were ruined.. I felt guilty sending Olivia to her grandparent's house with pink eye! We gave Olivia a few rounds of eye drops and her eye actually started to look better. She also started acting like it wasn't bothering her any more... We starting thinking maybe our date night could happen after all!!

After confirming that my in-laws didn't mind having Olivia (the pink eye could have been a total deal breaker!), we decided to go ahead with the original plan! We bought movie tickets and dropped Olivia off.

My husband and I were SO PUMPED for our night together! We went to the movie and got dinner on our way home. We were having the best time. I was so excited to actually stay up late for a change and do adult things! There are so many things you take for granted before you have kids... Like being on the computer without your little one trying to hit all the buttons at once, or watching things on TV that have inappropriate language or content, or just trying to eat without sharing with your kid!

Well, we got home, ate our take out on the couch, and before I could even finish my food......

I fell asleep.


At 10 PM, I freaking fell asleep, before even finishing my dinner... what the hell...

This is my life now.

My husband woke me from my slumber on the couch and took me upstairs to bed.

As pissed as I was when I woke up this morning ( I can't believe I wasted my night of adulthood for sleep!), I was actually pretty thrilled that I slept in until 9 AM... that NEVER happens... So it wasn't a complete loss!

Long story short, the point of this whole debacle is that although our relationship has changed so much over this past year of parenthood, we still make it work. Even if we would've kept Olivia home, we would have made it work. When you're a parent you just have to take the time you can get, and do the best you can to make it work.

How do you make it work?

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