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The 4 Moms You Need In Your Life

Life as a Mom is so fun and can also be stressful and terrifying. That is one of the many reasons you depend on your own Mom, your Grandmother, your Mom friends... or, if you're like me, you also joined numerous Mom groups online...

Navigating Motherhood can feel like a total uphill battle sometimes, which is why you NEED other Moms in your life. In fact, there are 4 different Moms you need in your life. These 4 types of Moms will help you perfect your Mom game. They will guide you and support you. They will ultimately make you a better Mom.

Here they are:

1. The Experienced Mom

This is the Mom you run to with all of your questions. These Moms are the writers of the Mommy handbook. They've been there, done that, and their kids have lived to tell about it. They've seen the blood, the tears, the puke, and the poop. They've mastered the tricks of the Mom game. These Moms are the ones that you trust above all else. Their knowledge and experience will help you shape your own Mom style. The experienced Moms in my life are all the women in my family. My Mom, Mother-in-law, Nana, and my Aunt. They must be amazing because they raised me, right?

2. The "Fun" Mom

This is the Mom that reminds you that you are more than just a Mom. She bridges the gap between who you were before kids, and who you are now that you're a Mom. This Mama is a free spirit who is always down for a new adventure. She is lighthearted and full of love. For me, this Mom is my Sister-in-law, Sarah. She reminds me that I am my own person aside from being a Mom. We trade "Mommy horror stories", and laugh about funny things our husbands do. We are best friends; sisters until the end. Sarah is my ride or die Mama, and I could not win this Mom game without her in my corner.

3. The Mom Most Like You

This one is pretty obvious. This is the Mom that is most similar to you. The one who "Moms" the same what you do. Whether you're a crunchy, helicopter, tiger, crispy, or a sea boat (whatever the hell those terms mean) Mom. She is the Mom that validates you when you're feeling uncertain because she thinks and feels the same way you do. For me, my co-worker Moms are the Moms most like me. We exchange stories and ask each other for advice. These Moms are vital.

4. The New Mom

This is the Mom that hasn't been in the Mom game quite as long as you. She's the Mom who looks to you for advice, and asks you questions. This is the Mom that builds your confidence. She trusts you to point her in the right direction, and that makes you feel like for a brief moment you have your shit together. You totally don't, none of us do, but for a moment, you feel like a total bad ass. I haven't met this Mom yet.. I don't have any new Moms in my life, but I am looking forward to feeling like I have my shit together when I do have one!

Who are the Moms in your life?


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