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Am I Raising A Little A Hole?

The main goal of parenting is to raise kind, intelligent, well rounded individuals. Our job is to give our kids the tools they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

That's a lot of pressure...A LOT of pressure... I mean am I even well rounded enough to be a good example to begin with? I'm only 26, am I grown up enough for this? Who dictates these things?? (These are the thoughts that haunt me)

I have to believe I'm not the only parent to worry that I'm raising a little a hole. Raising a child is super serious business. Hell, one wrong turn and you could raise a criminal mastermind...or even worse...

Now that Olivia's personality is developing, I'm starting to see some red flags. I have to admit that I'm worried...I think I might be raising a total brat...

I love Olivia, and the crazy little human being that she is. She is so confident and outgoing and inquisitive, but this child loves to push her boundaries... She flips from happy and smiling to a full blown psychopath in like a fraction of a second.

It. Is. Terrifying.

For instance, right now as I write this, she is trying to climb onto the back of the couch and hang over the side...I keep telling her no and putting her down. We've danced this same dance about three times now. Currently, she is throwing an all out tantrum... Crying, throwing herself on to the floor, the whole deal... And honestly, I'm at a loss.... Do I ignore her? Do I reprimand her? Do I try to appease her? How do I get off this A hole train before it leaves the station?

Just a few weeks ago she threw a tantrum that was so intense, I actually was concerned for about a minute and a half that she was having seizure...

I know kids cry, and obviously kids her age don't completely know the difference between right and wrong yet, but I feel like I'm walking a thin line here...a thin line that keeps getting thinner and thinner. At what point does this cross over from "normal child behavior" to "good luck with your little a hole" behavior?

I understand that there is no such thing as "normal". Every child is different. I totally understand that. But I honestly think her tantrums and the frequency in which she has them is way more than normal. Then I also worry that maybe something I am doing is making her a little psycho...or maybe she inherited these a hole tendencies from her Dad or I... (Hopefully I can blame her Dad for this, even though deep down it's probably me!) Total Mom guilt, surprise...

I know people parent differently, and that there are an endless amount of theories and parenting styles, but I'm wondering how some of you kick ass parents handle these "touchy" situations....Impart your wisdom upon me!

I'm totally not the only one worried about raising a little a hole right?

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