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To The Working Mom

To the working Mom,

I see you.

I see you pour yourself that extra cup of coffee, or pop that vitamin B pill for the extra energy to power through your day.

I see you wake up earlier than you really need to, just so you can peek in at your babies as they sleep before you begin your work day.

Sarah & Her Daughter Savannah

(Sarah & Her Daughter, Savannah)

I see you stay up later than you probably should, to prepare things for the next day, or try to have some much needed time for yourself (because you never get it).

I see that look on your face when your boss asks you to work late again, pondering another bedtime you'll be missing.

September & Her Sons, Devin & Gabe

(September With Her Sons, Devin & Gabe)

I see you hold your breath, when the babysitter tells you about another milestone you weren't there to see.

I see you sigh, when your little ones want to stay with the babysitter instead of going home with you.

Hilary & Her Daughter, Sadie

(Hilary & Her Daughter, Sadie)

I see the tears you hold back, when you sit alone and ponder all the days, hours, minutes, and seconds you've missed out on.

I see you ask yourself why you're doing all of this.

Crystal & Her Kids Jordan & Jada

(Crystal With Her Kids, Jordan & Jada)

I see you get so damn mad at yourself for failing to maintain everything, be everything for everyone, do everything for everyone.

I see you busting your ass to provide the best possible life for your babies.

Melissa & Her Sons, Joseph, Mikey, & Johnny

(Melissa With Her Sons, Joseph, Mikey, & Johnny)

I see you.

I am you.

You are not alone, Mama. We are all out there with you, fighting our Mom guilt and internal struggles, battling our exhaustion for one less moment lost with our little ones. I know you want to quit, but you can't. You have to keep kicking ass and fighting. You have to show your kiddos that working Moms are total bad ass superheroes. Show your babies that strong, intelligent, and powerful women do exist. We are out there! Be the example your daughter wants to follow. Be the type of hardworking woman you want your son to marry. Prove to yourself that you can do it, because I know that you can. Because you know that you can.

Even on your worst day, you are absolutely killing it.

All Moms are incredible human beings. I could never imagine or pretend to know the struggle of being a stay at home Mom. I would never speak on something that I haven't personally experienced. I know it has to be hard; so hard, but working Moms and stay at home Moms are so different. Both are so incredibly difficult in their own unique way. As a working Mom, I know how hard that lifestyle is. I know how it feels to want to give up. No matter what type of Mom you are, please don't ever give up. You could be the biggest failure, and your kids would still think you are the best Mom ever, simply because you are theirs.

Stay strong Mamas. We all see you. We are all with you.


The Honest Mom

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