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5 Thoughts You'll Have During Your Last Week of Pregnancy

By the time you reach the last few weeks of pregnancy, a lot of thoughts and feelings start to hit you. If you were like me, you were so over being pregnant, and you were 100% ready to be done. Some women absolutely love being pregnant, and don't ever want it to end. Either way, once you hit that 39th and 40th week of pregnancy, you have a TON of different thoughts running through your mind.

Here are five thoughts you will likely have during your last week of pregnancy:


I swear I thought I'd just be pregnant forever. Maybe I wasn't even expecting at all, and the "eating for two" that I did just caught up with me so much so that I legitimately just looked pregnant...#FoodBaby....I was so close to the finish line, but I could not envision an end in sight. The important thing to remind yourself is that as miserable as you may be, there is an end, and it will 100% be worth it.

2. I'm Getting Nervous for Childbirth

Any time you think about childbirth during pregnancy can be nerve wracking, but when you start to really think about your impending doom once you get close, it can be really scary (especially as a first time mom!). I remember laying in bed each night during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, panicking about pooping on the table, or tearing really badly... The funny thing is that I did literally ALL the things I was afraid to do, but look at me now, talking about it with the general public... The point being that in the grand scheme of things, it's really not that bad. I mean, there is a reason why we often go through it more than once...

3. I Hope I Don't Have a Cone Head Baby

This probably sounds ridiculous, but I really was concerned about how weird my newborn would look. As a first time Mom, I knew nothing about birthing a child and how the baby would look coming out. I DEFINITELY covered my eyes during that part of health class... And I was WAY to afraid to Google or Youtube it while pregnant. Ignorance is bliss right? My ignorance aside, no matter how your kiddo looks fresh out of the womb, you'll be over the moon in love with him or her...

4. Will it look like me?

This is probably one of the most exciting thoughts you'll have. Imagining what your kiddo will look like is so much fun! I always wished my little one would have my eyes and my husbands smile...I ended up with a little girl that looks just like my husband but with my sassy attitude...

5. Yep, Still Pregnant..

THE LAST WEEK OF PREGNANCY LASTS LITERALLY FOREVER. Every little cramp and you think it's go time... 9 times out of 10 it's gas... You'll try everything you can Goggle to induce labor, and chances are none of them will work. Every single person you know will ask you if you've had the baby yet... You'll say no a million times... But then, sweet relief, your kiddo finally arrives when they are good and ready... It's hard to hear, but enjoy it while you can, soon you'll be plagued with sleep deprivation, painful boobs, and sore lady bits...

What were some of the thoughts you had during the last few weeks of pregnancy?

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