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5 Thoughts You'll Have When You Start Thinking About Having Another Baby

I never experienced true baby fever until after I had Olivia.

Before having her, I'd see a new baby and think to myself, "Ugh, this baby is so freaking cute, I need one..". But now, after having gone through having a child, I see a newborn and think, "What a sweet little miracle. I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore...I want that feeling again". The love, the care, the process of having a baby...It is all encompassing. It is exciting. It is terrifying. It is absolutely impossible to put into words exactly how it feels...and that's just why...because it's a feeling...

If I'm being completely honest...I've been thinking about having another baby for a while now....(I'm sure there will be a few people that read that last statement and shiver in fear at the thought of me reproducing again) And while I will admit that I'm still just as torn about it as I've ever been, I've had a few reoccurring thoughts during this "thinking about it" phase...

Here are 5 thoughts I'm sure you'll have (I have) when thinking about having another baby:

1. Do I Really Want to do all That Again?!?

Am I really ready to sign up for all this again?!?! Having a baby is one of the greatest experiences I will ever have, but let's be real, it is also one of the hardest... Am I really prepared for both the good and the bad? The simple and the difficult? The exciting and the terrifying?

2. Can I Mentally and Physically Parent Another Child?

This is the thought that really makes me feel conflicted about expanding our family. Olivia is the most amazing little human... But she is fierce... And she is so incredibly spirited... which I love... At the end of the day, I do really love her soul... But, it takes a lot for me... It's a challenge to be patient. It's a challenge to keep calm. It's a challenge to teach her right and wrong without stifling that spirit. How do I add another kiddo to the mix? Can I?

3. How will another child fit into our family?

We have the perfect little family trifecta... Mom, Dad, and Olivia...We have it so perfect right now. We all love each other and have an amazing bond.. How does another person factor into that? What if Olivia doesn't like her new sibling? What if they don't get along? I struggled to get along with my siblings when I was younger, and it was lonely. I don't want that for my kids. I never want one of my children to feel isolated from their own family. So how do I ensure that doesn't happen?

4. I Just saw a Newborn. My Ovaries are Tingling. Let's do This!

Ugh....Fresh babies... Nothing kicks your ovaries into high drive quite like newborn babies... Their size, their smell, their innocence...Such sweetness just makes you want to throw all caution and senses to the wind, and start makin babies ASAP... But, lucky for me, I am a straight up, obsessive, compulsive psychopath, so even though I LOVE the thrill and excitement of meeting a fresh babe, it never quite gets me 100% on board for baby number 2.

5. When is the Right Time? How will I Know?

Is there even a "right time"? What does the "right time" even mean? I honestly don't even know. What I do know, is that I don't remember being this scared when we were starting to try for Olivia. I remember being nervous, obviously. Olivia is my first, so it was totally normal to be nervous and anxious.. but now that we are thinking about a number two... I'm really scared. And right now, I'm wondering if I should let that fear determine our family's future....To be continued...

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