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6 Things You Should Never Say To A Working Mom

Being a working Mom is like riding a bike with no hands, while juggling daggers, while the bike is on fire, with a rabid wild animal chasing behind you.

Shit. Is. Intense.

Even when you get the hang of it after awhile, it never truly gets any easier. You're always faced with situations and people that just don't understand.

So for those people who might not get it, here is a helpful list of things you should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, say to a working Mom.

You can thank me later...

1. Isn't it hard leaving your kids everyday?

Is this real life? Obviously it's hard. Thank you so much for reminding me just how devastating and horrible it is that I have to be away from my child 40+ hours per week. Sometimes Moms just don't have a choice...

2. Telling any daycare horror story.

Why would anyone think this is a good topic of conversation? We've all seen those horrifying videos of daycare employees doing unspeakable things to small children. That does not mean we want to talk about it while our children are in daycare. Are you trying to make us feel worse than we already do leaving them there in the first place???

3. Can't you just get a babysitter?

Sure, let me just call one of the people that already take care of my child 40+ hours a week to take care of her even more. Just getting a babysitter in general is hard. It's not a spur of the moment thing. Working Mom or not, any plans need to be made in advance! Getting a babysitter when I'm not working is really hard for me. I feel so guilty, and I totally judge myself for taking even more time away from Olivia than I already do. So no, I can't "just get a babysitter".

4. Well at least you have your days off to spend quality time with your kids.

Yep. I get to cram house cleaning, grocery shopping, appointments, and any other errands into my days off, in addition to spending "quality time" with my child. Yes, that's life, and yes, I make the choice to be a working Mom, but it doesn't make it any easier. I try to spend the most time that I can with my little one. Really, that's all any parent, working or not, can do.

5. Is it worth the money?

Honestly, sometimes it's not. I love being able to give Olivia anything she wants. I love buying her things just because. I love having the freedom to take her places and do fun activities. But Sometimes after a rough day, it doesn't feel worth it. No amount of money can beat being with my child. But, by showing her that I am a strong woman that helps provide for our family, I'm hoping she will become a strong woman as well. No, it's not always worth the money, but it is always worth the lesson I am trying to teach my daughter.

6. Can't your husband make enough money so you can stay home?

My husband is one of the hardest working human beings that I know. He works long and unpredictable hours. He is more than capable of providing for our family. We have built a life together that we like and are accustomed to. I could stay home if we drastically changed our lifestyle, but together we decided that we don't want to do that. Every family has there own financial and living situation. Making comments or questioning those situations is not cool. Don't be that person.

Being a working Mom is hard enough without people prying into your biz. We are already hard enough on ourselves that we definitely don't need anyone else guilting or being hard on us. People don't always have bad intent when they bring up any of these things, but just being aware of how they might effect a working Mom could make all the difference.

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