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Weekends When You're A Mom

January 25, 2019


I am feeling a little feisty today, and I am betting a few of you can totally relate...

While I wish I could be an outgoing and outspoken Mom blogger by both day AND night, my current day job is working in a medical administration position. I love interacting with patients on a daily basis, but sometimes it really makes me question humanity... But I guess that's probably true in any line of work...The world is a pretty crazy place these days...




I was chatting with a patient today and he asked me what my plans for the weekend were. I thought silently for a moment, trying to formulate a proper response, but I just couldn't find a string of words that wouldn't make me sound like a total psychopath. 

I chose the safe response and said, "Oh, you know, no big plans", to which he responded with, "That's a good thing! You'll have the weekend to do nothing but relax!"






Actually I won't have the whole weekend to relax...because I am a Mom... 


Do people not understand that weekends are not a thing when you're a Mom?!?

There will be maybe 10 to 15 minutes max of relaxing during the 48 hours of weekend that I'm about to endure.


I am going to leave work, rush home, arrange dinner, catch up on a week's worth of laundry, clean up the living room for the 500th time before and after my child goes to bed, tidy up the house, get groceries, attend family functions, prepare my family for the upcoming week, and if I'm lucky, I might just get an extra hour or two of sleep....But only if I'm lucky..which I generally have not been. Who needs sleep anyways?

Sometimes I feel like weekends are actually more work than the work week. At least days Monday through Friday have some sort of structure. Work, home, sleep, repeat. The weekends are like complete anarchy. So much to do, so little time to do it all in.


It's stressful. So stressful. I don't know how anyone could think it's a break or a day off...



Then it hits me.



Dear God... My Mother was right about everything...

When I was a kid, I knew the drill. My Mom was going to be so bitchy for the whole entire weekend. She would boss us all around, and tell us to clean our rooms or to help clean the house. She'd ask us to put our laundry away, or go grocery shopping with her. Ugh. It was so annoying and inconvenient...


Wait, what?!?



I am now the crazy one running around the house yelling at my family to clean. I am now the one FREAKING out about every little thing, and complaining that there isn't enough time to do anything. 


And what's worse? My Mother literally "told me so" today...Like she's been waiting...biding her time until the perfect moment... Like two decades later, here she is in my living room, smiling ear to ear...


"I don't want to say it....but I told you so"


I. Told. You. So.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks Mom, I get it now.


Moral of the story is, if you're a Mama, and you struggle with this whole "weekends are for relaxing" bull crap, you are not alone. I am right there with you. If you're not a Mom, and you're reading this by pure happenstance, just do what your Mom says! It will save both you and her A LOT of unnecessary pain and suffering. 


Trust me, I know... I've been told so...




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