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Can You Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? A Review Of Cake Maternity

*This is a sponsored post. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. This post does contain links to Cake Maternity's website. I do NOT receive any commission for purchases made by you. For more information, please refer to my disclosure page.

Buying a maternity bra is one of those unavoidable things a mama must do when there's a bun in the oven. I have to admit, I hated shopping for bras when I was pregnant with Olivia. I didn't want to spend $100+ on a bra that I wouldn't wear for longer than a year or so, and I didn't feel particularly sexy, so I wanted something simple, comfortable, and affordable. Turns out that is a near impossible trifecta to find...

I was contacted by a representative for Cake Maternity, a Australian based company that offers a selection of maternity & nursing bras, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, and nursing pads, to review one of their items. Because of my frustrating and unpleasant past with shopping for maternity undergarments, I jumped at the chance to review one of their products!

Check out Cake Maternity's About Page!

I chose their Mousse Padded Plunge Wireless Nursing Bra in beige.

First off, I have to mention how AMAZING the packaging is! I was pleasantly surprised by the love and care they put into their packaging. The box the bra came in was so aesthetically beautiful, and it actually made me feel so special receiving it. Someone tied this box closed just for me. The packaging is sweet and feminine. It definitely made me feel like I got something special, and not just something I would need because I was having a baby!

Cake Maternity has GORGEOUS packaging

I almost didn't want to open the box, just because it was so pretty! (but of course I ripped it open because I was so excited!!)

I untied the box to reveal an artfully wrapped nursing bra. The bra was perfect. The design was simple, yet beautiful.

(Click the photo above to check out this bra on their website!)

Tag included on Cake Maternity Bras

The material was soft and the design on the cups of the bra was classic. Not too sexy, but not too "mommish". Let's be honest, most of us don't feel sexy when we're pregnant and nursing, but this is a bra I'd feel attractive in.

This sweet tag (pictured above) words it perfectly, we are women first. Just because we are becoming moms doesn't mean we can't feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin right?

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I tried the bra on...

It fit so comfortably. The material feels light and flexible on your skin. With many bras I feel restricted, but I didn't feel that way at all with this bra. I was able to move freely and feel extremely comfortable, which is SUPER important when your boobs are tender during pregnancy and nursing! I also like how the wide straps felt and how easily adjustable they are. It's obvious that Cake Maternity really put a lot of effort into designing a bra that would not only flatter, but be functional as well.

Ultimately, I really love the attention to detail Cake Maternity puts into their products. From the Mousse Padded Plunge Wireless Nursing Bra I tried, to all the other items I researched on their website, Cake Maternity fashionably and practically designs their products with a woman's inner beauty in mind. It's clear that they want each customer to feel valued and special. These are products that are made to last, and can be saved and used again and again. I would definitely recommend all my mom pals try Cake Maternity. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to Cake Maternity. You can have babies and still feel special and beautiful, thanks to Cake Maternity.

For more info on Cake Maternity check out their website here:

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