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Candid Camera

.......It is currently 3:56am....

I have now been awake with my chipper as f child for a little over an hour... I have no idea how or why I got here, I just keep asking this kid why we are awake, and she just keeps smiling and laughing at me...

As I laid her back down in her crib for the second attempt at sleepy time, I grabbed our video baby monitor and headed downstairs to enjoy the show. At first, I did not see the value in a video baby monitor. My husband and I went back and forth about buying one for weeks before we finally ponied up the $250 to buy one. For the first 6 or 7 months, I still did not understand the purpose.. Yes, I can see my demonic child crying on night vision at 2am, but where is the appeal in that? Definitely not worth it... But as the 8 month mark crept along, and our little one learned new tricks like sitting up alone and being able to pull herself up into a standing position, I started to oddly enjoy the show. My child is a little weirdo, and now I have video evidence...I cannot tell you how amusing it is to watch her entertain herself..

It almost makes being awake a 3:56am worth it.....almost....

Howell, MI, USA

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