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Guest Post: 10 Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a journey and for first time mums, it is one that is full of wonderful little surprises.

1. Look after your relationships

Your hormones will start to rage early on in your pregnancy and will continue into your breastfeeding journey. Be mindful of those around you.

2. Be aware of extra weight gain

An average woman will gain approx. 25 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy. This is due to the weight of the placenta, fluid stored, weight of her breasts and the weight of the baby.

Keeping active and eating healthy will help to keep your weight gain in check.

Remember that excessive weight gain during pregnancy is much harder to shift post partum than a moderate weight gain.

3. Rest when you are tired

Growing a small human inside of you can be exhausting. Listen to your body and take naps where necessary.

4. Visit the Beauty Salon

After a while shaving will not be as easy as it use to be. Book into a beauty salon and try waxing. It will last longer and need far less maintenance.

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5. Eat in moderation

Do listen to your cravings, as it is nature’s way of telling you that you are lacking in your diet.

However, do be mindful of the quantities and how often you eat these foods as the pounds might start to creep up on you.

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6. Empty your bladder before sleep

As your pregnancy develops you may notice that you are visiting the toilet more often than normal. This is often more noticeable during the night when you are trying to sleep.

Avoid drinking anything at least 1 hour before bedtime. This way you have time to empty your bladder before bed.

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7. Enjoy your pregnancy

You are likely to feel less comfortable as time goes by. Learn to love the body you are in and relish in the beauty of pregnancy.

8. Go shopping

Pregnancy is a perfect excuse to shop. Invest in some cute pregnancy basics to help lift your mood. A few items to consider are tights or leggings, maternity jeans, tanks tops and a cute baby doll dress.

9. Invest in a good maternity bra

As soon as you notice change in your breast size, it is recommended to go and get fitted for a maternity bra. Opt for a seamless bra that will stretch and change with your body in the early stages of pregnancy. This will provide you with comfort and that much needed support as your breasts gain size and weight.

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10. Ask for help

No one expects you to be a super mum. Ask for help when you need it.

Like many women out there, Tracey Montford is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing 2 young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively.

Find out more at or catch up with her on social @cakematernity

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