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Do Working Moms really have it all?

I heard an interesting theory today...

Actually, I've heard it a few times now... And I have to admit, the more I hear it, the more irritated I become.

To be frank, it's really pissing me off.

I heard that there is this widely held idea that working Moms "have it all"...

(Insert lengthy pause here for dramatic effect)

First of all, what in the hell does that even mean?!?

"Having it all"???

Could it be that we have all the psychotic neuroses? That we have anxiety attacks daily? How about that we have all the OCD signs and symptoms? That we have to wear all the hats at all times, and have to consistently and successfully juggle every single one of them??

Honestly, hearing that statement or even just seeing it online instantly enrages me, and I've been seeing it and hearing it more and more often.

Do we have it any better or worse than Stay-at-Home Moms? I severely doubt it. At most we probably get more adult human interaction, but overall it's equally as sucky (although it's a different type of sucky) whatever "type" of Mom that you are.

My point in all this is not to compare being a "Working Mom" VS. being a "Stay-at-Home Mom". I can't speak on being a Stay-at-Home Mom because I've never been one. What I can say, is that being a Working Mom freaking sucks.

It really sucked having to leave my 2 month old baby because maternity benefits in the United States freaking blow. I am so incredibly blessed to work for a company with amazing benefits that paid me for a few additional weeks. Otherwise, I would've been back to work after 6 short weeks.

It also really sucked having daily panic attacks over figuring out a pumping schedule at work and worrying about all the milestones I was missing while at work.

And two years later, it still sucks. I still go to bed with a sense of dread, knowing that I'll be giving up more precious time with my kiddo to go chase the almighty buck.

In my opinion, the worst part about being a working Mom is having to decide everyday what is more important; spending extra time with my kid, or making money to give her the life I want her to have.

I love to work. I love to contribute to and grow the amazing life my husband and I have built for our family, but sometimes I struggle with the price of being a working Mom.

So do I think that I, a working Mom, have it all? Absolutely, positively, freaking obviously not. Do I think Stay-at-Home Moms have it all? Again, while I have no personal experience to go off here, I honestly don't think they have it all either...

In general being a Mom is freaking hard. It's like walking on rusty nails with a weighted vest on.

Every day presents a new and interesting challenge. Never knowing if you're making the best choices and finding the right answers. It doesn't matter what type or style of Mom you are, parenting is the hardest thing any of us will ever do. Not one person on this Earth "has it all".

What we need to do, is stop making ridiculous assumptions about other people that lead different lifestyles than our own. All Moms are bad asses just doing their best, whether they stay home or work.

I think as soon as we all realize that, we'll all be a lot better off.

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