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How to Keep The Spark Alive After Kids

**This is a sponsored post, which means I may receive a commission from purchases you make, at no additional cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

Relationships change so much after you have kids.

Some people say that your marriage becomes stronger, some people say that your love becomes more meaningful, some people say that their feelings for their significant other become deeper...

That's all true to some degree... I can totally see and relate to all that lovey crap...but...

Let's be real, kids can totally mess up your mojo in the love department.

We're always laser focused on our little minions, we rarely get alone time, and when we do, we are way too damn tired to keep the spark going...

Or, when you try to get the love boat going full steam ahead, you have to find a babysitter and make all the necessary arrangements...It. Is. So. Much. Work.

Which is why date nights are so few and far between!

I have to admit, my marriage love tank has been running on fumes the last few months. It is so freaking difficult to connect on that level when life is crazy. We fell into this hole of just going through the motions. Work, home, baby, dinner, housework, sleep, repeat. Of course we still love each other, but we just weren't committing the proper time to each other.

We had to get a little creative...

I was looking online for things that my husband and I could do together, and I came across DateBox. The more I researched the more excited I got!

DateBox is a monthly subscription box that sends you one date a month. The box comes with one entire date and all the things you'll need for that date. The theme of the date is always a surprise, which adds to the excitement!

This was the perfect solution for our parental romance problem!

I contacted DateBox and asked if I could try a date and share my thoughts with you lovely readers, and to my excitement, they sent my husband and I a box to try!

My husband and I made this super fun video recap of our date!

Check it out:

Why I am obsessed with DateBox:

1. It is SUPER affordable.

They have a ton of different options from month to month, 3 months, 6 months, or a digital plan. Their plans start from just $7.99.

2. It doesn't involve all the leg work.

IT IS SO SIMPLE. No babysitter needed. No extra childcare expenses. Everything you need for the date is given to you. It is perfect for anyone, especially parents. Plus, it is the added comfort of not having to leave the house! Yoga pants for life!! No extra planning= One happy Mama.

3. It keeps us on track.

By getting it delivered straight to our house, it keeps us actually making time for each other! It is our guaranteed monthly promise to each other. At least once a month is a great start for firing up the romance!

4. Keeps the excitement alive.

Every month is a surprise, and every month gives us things we've never done before! I would have never thought about painting my husbands face and making cannolis as a date! Getting DateBox is going to help keep things fresh and exciting in our relationship.

Want to try out DateBox for yourself?

Get 50% off your first box with code BBARONE50.

Click here to order your first DateBox

I hope you enjoy DateBox as much as we do!

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