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Why I'm Done Momming Today

Alright folks, I'm calling it...

12:19 PM, and I am done Momming for today.

Let me start from the beginning...

I received an early morning wake up call via my screaming child at 4AM. We normally wake up between 7AM and 8AM, so I should have known in that moment that today would be a complete shit show.

After an hour of trying to get Olivia to go back to sleep ( I even gave her the pacifier that our pediatrician says we should get rid of! Desperate times call for desperate measures!), I accepted my fate, and hesitantly took her downstairs to start our day.

I have no idea what her problem was, but Olivia was a straight up psycho. I almost felt like she woke up this morning and devised this evil plan to make me lose my shit today.

What kind of Mother am I??

Considering the possibility of my one year old purposely trying to drive me insane.. #MomGuiltMoment. That's a topic for another day...

I had SO MUCH I had to get done today and literally nothing was accomplished...I get one day off during the week to handle my biz, and Olivia just wandered around our kitchen and living room whining nonstop... I tried food, drinks, playing, diaper changing, snuggling....NOTHING WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS KID.


I like to think I'm pretty good at remaining calm when Olivia gets a little crazy, but for some reason today I just could not handle it. I was sweating. I was anxious. I lost my mind.

How do women with more than one kid deal with this?!?!? My mind is blown by how Moms with multiple kids just handle their biz...I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks, but damn you ladies make it look like a piece of cake.

Is there some sort of science involved? Is it all skill? Is it something you're just born with? I clearly don't possess this talent. Maybe experience is the key?

Before I knew it, the day had come and gone. It is now 8PM.

How in the hell is it 8PM, and I have not started, nor accomplished one single thing today?

And why is it that doing absolutely nothing today was so freaking exhausting? I feel like I just got my ass kicked. I got my ass kicked by my one year old.

Actually, I take that back. I did accomplish one thing today.

I kept us alive.

I guess I just need to accept that sometimes keeping everyone alive is all that you can do. I need to accept that sometimes that has to be enough.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty pissed that an entire day was wasted, but I guess looking back at it (hindsight is always 20/20!), at least I wasted an entire day with my favorite human being on the planet. Even when she is psychotic, she is still my favorite human being on the planet, sorry hubby!

So Mamas, I gotta know...

When was the last time you lost your mind because of your kiddos, and what caused it?

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