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Lady Gaga Made Me Do It

Well, first let me say that I honestly hope at least one or two Mommas can relate to this story...

Picture this....

I am getting in the shower; my 30ish minutes of beautiful and much sought after "me time"... I turn Pandora Thumbprint Radio on my shower speaker and I begin my typical shower thing.. Washing up, shaving, etc... Then, as if by divine intervention, Applause by Lady Gaga comes on and suddenly my shower turns into the club! I am GETTING it! Dancing around and working some SERIOUS moves.. honestly.. it was impressive.. As my dance party for one ends, I finish up my showering and get dried off to get dressed and resume mom life... As I put on my underwear I notice something... I COMPLETELY missed shaving my left leg... Lady Gaga got me so pumped that I completely forgot to finish shaving my other leg!!!

Whats worse?? As I am realizing this, Olivia is screaming bloody murder downstairs with my husband and I am forced to accept my unshaven fate until next time.. #momlife

The definition of honest motherhood

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