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Mamas, This is an S.O.S (Save Our Sleep)

I am at a complete loss, and I would be so appreciative if any of you amazing mamas could give me some advice or shed some light on what the heck is happening with my child.

If I'm being completely honest, I never know what the hell I'm doing as a parent. I'm pretty much winging it 24/7...and up until this point, somehow, as if by divine intervention, it has just worked out...

My Little Girl is Thriving!

My kid is healthy, thriving, and happy (besides the epic toddler tantrums she is famous for)...but during the last 3 days something has changed.

I've wracked my brain for the cause and the "why", and I just cannot figure it out for the life of me, and even worse, I don't know how I can fix it.

Olivia has had the same bedtime routine, same general sleep schedule, her room has always looked the same, NOTHING has changed for the most part since we moved to our new house one year ago.

Our Bed Time Routine Has Never Changed!

So why is it that three nights ago Olivia did not sleep a wink? She went to bed screaming bloody murder, only to proceed to scream until my husband and I took her out of her crib. She is no stranger to crying, but these screams were on a whole new level... It really freaked us out. All night long we did this dance of calming Olivia and trying to put her back to bed, only to be met with more intense screaming. It was like someone was setting her on fire. Her screams were blood curdling.

Definitely not an ideal way to spend a Wednesday night before an early work day on Thursday...

After that first night, I thought maybe she just had a bad night because she didn't feel well. A stomach ache maybe. Teething was a legitimate possibility. An ear ache or a 24 hour bug perhaps? All of these fluke ailments were plausible.

Thursday my husband and I powered through our work days. I basically ingested any bit of caffeine I could get my mombie hands on. I have no clue how my husband survived it because he can't drink caffeine.. poor sucker...

We arrived home with high hopes of a blissful nights sleep. We were in luck. My mother-in-law volunteered to take Olivia for the night so my husband and I could regroup. I warned her about the horrors of the night before, and she reassured me that she didn't mind taking her, even if the night before repeated itself.

And you know what? Olivia slept like a little angel, like every other freaking time she stays with Grandma.. I swear one day I'll find out my mother-in-law's secret...

Reassured now, Friday night we had no doubt that our bedtime routine would go off without a hitch.

We were 110% freaking wrong.

After going through our usual nighttime routine and putting Olivia to bed, about an hour or so later we were again shook by high pitched screams from Olivia's room. The screams were so loud and intense that I don't even know how she was getting enough oxygen to continue screaming. I ran up to her room and found her trying desperately to escape her crib. She looked terrified. I could not figure it out. I held her and consoled her. I could feel her tired little body fighting like hell to keep her eyes open. It felt like torture while I rocked her, watching her try to open an eye every couple of minutes to make sure I was still holding her.

I felt so helpless. I still feel helpless. I finally got her to sleep after 40 minutes or so. The rest of the night was fine, but the thought of what could be bothering her so deeply would not let me relax. Is this normal? A phase? Something I can figure out and fix? She can't communicate just yet, so all I have to go on is her body language. I don't even know for certain if she is scared or if this is just an awful sleep regression. During the day she is fine.

As I'm writing this, Olivia is upstairs in bed, and I'm just waiting on pins and needles....

Does anyone have some kick ass mommy wisdom that they can drop on me? Because I don't think I can take this much longer.


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