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Mean Girl Moms

It finally happened.

I was attacked by a pack of wild mean girl Moms.

I'm still trying to process what the hell just happened here.

Let me start from the beginning...

I follow a ton of different Mom groups on Facebook. I love connecting with other Moms and giving/receiving support from them. I've always felt so comfortable sharing and chatting with other Moms. If you follow my posts on any of my social media, or even on here for that matter, you know that I am ALL about the Mom love. Supporting other Moms, building Moms up, anything positive I can do for any Mom, I'm totally game.

The fireworks last night were so loud and intense, that I was worried Olivia would wake up because of the noise. I tried looking up our local noise ordinance online with no luck. Of course my next move was to hop on my local Mom group page and ask what time the fireworks would end.

The moment I posted it was like I was dead in the water. I never even stood a chance. Those mean girl Moms sensed blood in the water and I was a goner.

Within minutes I was flooded with notifications that I was a bad American and that no one cared that I have a baby. A woman asked me why I thought that me giving birth was so important that people didn't have the right to celebrate. Another woman told me to get over it. One mom, then another mom, then another. Relentless, unending, negativity.

My mind was blown. I started sweating. I swear I looked at my original post like 15 times trying to figure out how what I asked translated into any of the horrible things these other mothers were saying to me. I just could not figure it out.

I finally couldn't take anymore and deleted the original post, which then deleted everything else. I laid awake for a long time just trying to comprehend it. How could any human being, Mom or not, be that full of rage? Why are people, especially Moms, so quick to make judgments and be so aggressive towards each other?

I would NEVER bash another Mom. EVER. No one knows what any other Mom might be going through (or human being for that matter). Why would anyone feel like they can add to that or make things worse? When did it become normal and acceptable to tear other people down? Am I that naive? I thought I had a pretty thick skin but Jesus...

I fell asleep that night with all hope in humanity lost.

The next morning I woke up to a private message. I held my breath assuming one of those mean girl Moms found me just to tear me down some more. I opened the message to find a sweet paragraph from a Mom that saw the post. She said she was sorry that those Moms went after me the way they did. She gave me some tips to help Olivia sleep through the noise. She told me to keep my head up and shake it off.

It's amazing how such a simple gesture can heal a wounded heart.

That sweet Mom has no idea how much that meant to me. That one little exchange reminded me that people like her and I do still exist.

This is the reason I do all of this. I bear my soul here. The good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing. I want to try my damnedest to make sure no Mom ever feels like I did last night.

Mean girl Moms can suck it.

And the worst part is, I still don't know what time the freaking fireworks end...



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