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Why Olivia was mistaken for a boy

Alright finally happened... after just shy of 9 months of life.. Olivia was mistaken for a boy...Since her birth I have been obsessive about keeping bows in her hair to make it clear to people that she was NOT a boy.. As if your child getting mistaken for the opposite sex isn't awkward enough, I took it one step further and made it so much worse.. so, so much worse..

I just recently got professional photos of Olivia taken. In one of the photos, instead of a bow in her hair she is wearing her Northface winter hat. I chose that photo to put on my desk at work because I absolutely love it. She looks so sweet.. In the week I had the photo at my desk I received so many compliments from patients at the office I work in. There is an older couple that are both patients at my office. The wife has dementia, so coming to our office is like the first time every time. As the couple was leaving, they saw Olivia's photo. The husband said, "You have such a handsome little man. He is so adorable." As I processed how to respond, the wife jumped in and kept repeating over and over how cute my little boy was, and something in me just broke. I just did not have the heart to correct this sweet, well meaning couple.. I didn't.... I did not correct them.. Instead, I somehow thought it was a good idea to go along with it.. As I thanked them for their compliments, the husband took it a step further by asking how old my son was.. I hesitantly stated that he was 8 months old.

Hoping that this was the end of the conversation, the wife then asks what my son's name was.. in that moment I realized it was too late to turn it around so I just stuttered as I said his name was Oliver.. I felt like such an idiot.. why did I not just correct them? In all honesty, as I was playing along I was thinking they might not remember this the next time I see them so why make it awkward by telling them my sweet little boy was in fact a little girl.. and if they did remember this exchange, they would never actually meet Olivia so they would never know the difference anyways..

well that was not the case...

That very next day my wonderful husband brought Olivia to my office for a visit... and of course, out of the 11 hours that I was at work that day, they arrived at the exact time that the older husband and wife were arriving for their appointment.. For what I did next, I will forever live in shame.. I shoved Olivia and her car seat under my desk and hid my sweet little girly girl under the desk until the couple signed in and went to another area in the office..

Who am I? What am I doing? I have lost my damn mind.. instakarma right there folks.. Someone please relieve my feelings of guilt and shame and tell me that I am not the only one who has ever done this.. I lied to avoid an awkward situation, just to get myself into an even more awkward situation.. #momfail.

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