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Mommy Therapy Sesh

Every Mommy needs a gal pal. Another Momma that has been through it, or is going through it. A bad ass chick who gets it, without you having to even begin to explain it.

My sister-in-law is mine. I LIVE for our mommy therapy sessions... The wine always flows and the venting is so vital to my mental health. Mommy friends are essential. She is the only other soul on this earth that knows all of my mom fails. She is the one who reminds me that my mom fails aren't all that bad in the scheme of things. They aren't failures at all, they are lessons. It is so important to have another person in your corner building you up when you feel like you're losing the mom game.

So, if any momma reading this needs a Mom pal to day drink and compare mommy lessons with, call me! I am always looking for additions to my Honest Mom Army!

; P

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