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10 Must Have Gift Ideas For New Moms

**This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a commission on purchases you make, at no additional cost to you. For more information, refer to my disclosure page.

When you're having a baby, your little "womb mate" gets all the glory. That little nugget gets all these amazing gifts. We even throw parties in their unborn honor.

But what about the Moms? Yes, we get our little bundles of joy as a reward for all of our hard work, but that totally doesn't count.

Mom's are amazing, bad ass, unicorn, ninjas. Yes, they are ALL of those things, plus more. So what do you get for such a selfless human being?

Here are my pictures for the 10 must have gifts for new mom's!

1. Alcohol

Some may say that alcohol is cliche, but I say, give the Mamas what they really want! We go 9 (10 depending on who you ask) long months without our favorite adult beverages. I cannot tell you how AMAZING that first margarita I had after giving birth was...So take your favorite new mama a bottle of her favorite wine, or whatever beverage makes her heart sing. Who knows when she'll want or need to crack it open and relax!

2. Comfy PJs

Nothing is better for those first few rocky days of motherhood than a nice, cozy, and comfy pair of PJs... It almost makes all the sleep deprivation seem not so bad...almost... I mean, if you're going to be spending those first few months just focusing on keeping your little one alive, you've got to be comfortable right? I'm like 95% certain (if my memory serves me) I spent the first two months of my maternity leave alternating between the same three pairs of pajamas... Actually, now that I think about it, I don't even think of that wore a "real" pair of pants until my maternity leave was over...

3. Victoria's Secret Gift card

Those first few weeks after birth are rough. Either your crotch is on fire (not to mention the stitches), or your guts feel like they were just ripped out (I guess technically they were...). I think it's safe to say it's not a very sexy time... But that doesn't have to be the case. Give the new mama in your life a gift that can help her feel good again. I swear, buying a cute new pair of underwear or a new bra makes me feel like a whole new woman.

4. Free Babysitting Coupons

This might sounds silly, but this is such a thoughtful and useful gift!! What new parent would turn away free Babysitting?!?! That's just crazy talk. This is definitely a gift any new mama would love, even if it's just free babysitting while she takes a shower!

5. A Massage

Nothing makes you feel quite like you've been run over by a bus like giving birth (well, aside from actually being run over by a bus..). Giving birth was like the workout of my life. My muscles has muscles that ached. I would've loved to have a massage in the weeks after giving birth. It would've been amazing to get out of the house and relax.

6. Netflix Recommendations

Wanna give a new Mom a great gift without spending a dime? Give her TV/movie/reading recommendations. There will be a lot of long nights that a binge worthy show could help ease the pain for! Make a thoughtfully curated list of your favorite picks with your favorite new Mama in mind.

7. Prepared Meals

I ate so much fast food and take out during those first few weeks after giving birth. I just did not have the brain power or energy to make a meal. One thing I would've loved to have is prepared Meals that I could just heat and serve. Instead I ate taco Bell and pizza basically every night of the week... Probably didn't help my mom bod situation... Make something Mama can store in the freezer until she is ready to eat! A small show of support can go such a long way!

8. House Cleaning Service

If someone would've come to my house and washed bottles or vacuumed my house, I would've been forever in their debt. My house was a DISASTER ZONE for those first few weeks after giving birth. Find an affordable housekeeper to help Mama tidy up, or even offer to help clean up yourself. Even if that new Mom turns down your offer, she will be forever grateful that you even thought to offer!

9. A Subscription Box

There are so many fun subscription boxes these days! From body care products, to makeup, to date boxes, and even mystery solving boxes! These boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. Sign the Mom in your life up for a subscription box, and watch her be surprised and delighted every month!

10. Your Time/support

This is by far the BEST gift you can give. Nothing is more meaningful and thoughtful than giving a new Mom your time and support. Call her to ask how she's feeling. Ask her if she needs anything. Ask her if you can help her with anything. Sometimes just feeling like someone cares about how your feeling can be a total game changer. It's so easy for a new Mom to be lonely and feel alienated from the outside world. Show her you haven't forgotten about her. It will mean so much to her.

What are some gifts that you would've loved after giving birth?

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