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My Kid is an A-Hole Sometimes, I'm sorry if that offends you

My child is an A**hole sometimes. I honestly apologize if that offends you...

The internet is a cold, cruel place. I used to think that high school was a horrible place...Now I'm more traumatized by the internet...Jeeze...I just do not understand the need for people to comment on another person's ideas or opinions...I really just don't get it. Does being an internet troll really make a person feel better about their own life?

I love my child more than I love anything else in this entire universe. She is everything to me in every single way possible. I also love being a Mother. Is Motherhood hard sometimes? Hell yes, absolutely, but I still wouldn't change it for anything.

I love my life. I love my child. I love my husband. I love my family. I love my job as a Mom...I wholeheartedly love every single one of those things, no matter what the circumstances are...

I'm honestly embarrassed that I even feel the need to make those statements and put it in writing, but lately I've been feeling the pressure to clarify.

It has been brought to my attention that I am an inappropriate person, and that I make Motherhood look and sound horrible. I've also been informed that it seems as if I hate having a child and being a Mother...

There is an awful lot to unpack there, so I guess let's jump right in:

First off, ouch?!?

Thank you anonymous internet users for ripping off my band-aid and making me feel like a total failure of a human being. Maybe you'll feel better knowing that the "troll-like" shots you fired landed? Because I'm not gonna lie, it definitely hurt my feelings...

Secondly, I guess I need to explain my sarcastic and "biting" sense of humor? I've been a feisty and sarcastic person long before I became a Mother, being a parent just gave me some new material. I am by no means a miserable and self loathing individual (unless I'm PMSing 🤷), and I do not hate the life that I've created for myself. It just makes me feel better to make jokes about the day to day things that happen to me, especially when I know almost every other Mother on the planet can relate. If we can't laugh together, what's the point?

Thirdly, ouch again. I like to think that I have a pretty thick skin, but telling me that I make Motherhood sound terrible is pretty intense. I had no idea that talking about temper tantrums and wrestling dirty diapers off of my child would go over so terribly. Talk about a tough crowd...

Motherhood is so amazing. It is empowering, and so, so much fun. I have never regretted becoming a Mom. If anything, it truly has made me a better person. And as wonderful as Motherhood is, it still isn't perfect. Life isn't a day-time TV show that's been edited to perfection. Motherhood is messy, and difficult, and ugly. Sometimes it doesn't feel so heavy if you make light of the tough stuff.

My goal is never to offend people. I value every person who reads my posts or likes my memes. I could never explain the appreciation that I have for anyone who interacts with me on a daily basis. But if you are ever offended by anything that I say, maybe this isn't the blog for you to follow... I know that my brand of humor isn't for everyone, but before you verbally eviscerate me via Facebook messenger, please just select "unfollow" or "unlike".

My kid is an A-Hole sometimes, and talking about it makes me feel better...I'm sorry if that offends you.

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