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Parenting Conversation Topics that Freak me out

If you know me, or have read any of my posts about my personal life, you know that I am a super anxious freak. If it is humanly possible to over think something, you can bet your ass I'm over thinking it. I overthink about overthinking. Parenting topics are no different. I honestly could vomit thinking about all the parenting topics that give me mass hysteria on the inside. Especially when it comes to conversing with other people about them. I'd rather fake a stroke than engage another person in a conversation about anything parenting related. Parenting tips, styles, approaches... Hard pass. No thank you.

Here are the parenting conversations that I find most stressful:

1. Bottle VS. Breast

Come on people. Why is this still a thing?!? If you want to breastfeed, that's wonderful. If you've tried to breastfeed but can't make it work, it's okay. If you just don't want to breastfeed at all, that's freaking fine too. Stop being a judgy ass about it. A mom can do whatever works best for her and her family. I tried like hell to sustain breastfeeding. I wanted to be successful so badly. I tried EVERYTHING. Foods, teas, special affirmations, and the living hell that is constant power pumping. Nothing worked. I just never made enough milk. So please spare me the shame, I already felt like a failure on my own, without anyone else's two sense. As long as a baby is fed, that is all that matters. That is all.

2. Screen time

I have no interest in the fact that you only allow your child 45 minutes of screen time per day. How in the hell do you get anything done?!? Do I think having my kid glued to the television all day is a good idea, of course not, but if I am on the verge of a mommy meltdown, you bet your ass I'm gonna turn on Moana or Frozen and take a mommy time out...No judgement necessary.

3. Punishments

I stay as far away from conversations about punishments as absolutely possible. However you want to discipline your child is your prerogative. As long as your not causing emotional or physical damage to your kid, I'm all for whatever you see fit. I do not want to argue over spanking or time outs. As long as our goal as parents is to avoid raising assholes and murderers, we are all doing something right...

4. Education

There are so many different educational opportunities for kids these days. To be honest it's actually a little overwhelming. Head start, pre pre-k, pre-k, home school, private school, public school, online school....Is one really better than the other? I really don't think it matters what type of education your child receives. As long as you are making the right choices for your kids, that is all that matters.

5. Medical Interventions

I CANNOT. I HONESTLY CANNOT. Who has enough time on their hands to troll online and get into verbal altercations over vaccines or other medical interventions?!?!? GET A LIFE PEOPLE. Mind your damn business. Stop pushing your unfounded and bizarre claims. Personally, I am all for vaccines. But I will 100% never get in an argument over it, and I damn sure wouldn't argue my beliefs to another person. Why? Because the only person I'm in charge of making decisions for is myself and my children. I already know how I feel about certain medical interventions, and I will make those decisions as I see fit, just like everyone else should do. Start enjoying your life, don't argue about it.

6. Feeding

Don't Mom shame me because I don't make my own fresh baby food. Would I love to do that? Absolutely, but it just isn't feasible for me. I barely have time to poop, let alone make my own avocado puree. Do I buy organic? No. But that doesn't mean that another Mom shouldn't buy it for her family. Honestly, if my kid eats a freaking Taco Bell cheesy roll up I take that as a win. Kids are picky. Life is crazy. Making judgments about feeding choices is just ridiculous...

As I was writing this, I couldn't help but realize one main undertone. It's judgement. Why do we judge others (and even ourselves) so harshly and openly? Maybe if we all just focused on our own situations we might just be happier.


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