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The Hardest Part About Being A Mom

Being a Mom is amazing, but sometimes it can be the most difficult thing you'll ever do.

You'll worry. You'll be nervous. You'll be afraid. You'll be excited. You'll be proud. You'll be filled with more love than you could ever imagine.

What is the hardest part about being a Mom?

"I think the hardest thing about motherhood is caring for a special needs child. Sometimes when Evan gets so frustrated, I don't know if its because he's hurt, sick, can't do something that he's trying to accomplish, I just have to bear hug him on the floor when we're both in tears until he can calm down and tell me what's wrong so I can try to fix it. Then his sister gets upset because her best friend is upset." - Megan

"With two teenage boys, 1 of which is staring down the barrel of adulthood, I would have to say the hardest (and most rewarding part) of motherhood is watching them grow up. I think for me, as a mom, we always want to fix their mistakes and/or stop our kids from making them; but this past year had been a learning experience. Having to stand by, knowing they are making a mistake and letting them, and not jumping in to fix it, that's tough. But I know in 8 months my oldest turns 18, I won't be there to stop him from making a poor choice, and I can't be there to fix his mistakes; I just have to let go and hope that every lesson, conversation, encouragement, words of hope and wisdom , lessons on trusting your gut and picking yourself back up, sticks with him. It's terrifying and exciting and bittersweet." - September

"The hardest part about being a mother for me is not knowing if I have done the right thing or not. I often think about what kind of mother I am and just hope and pray I am doing a good enough job of raising my son." - Shoma

"For me, the hardest part about being a mom has been making sure that both girls feel equally important. I try my best to spend as much one on one time with both of the girls. Between work and other obligations, that’s not always easy to do." - Chantal

"My hardest is letting go. They are starting preschool. I go from being their entire world, my everyday focus, and now i have to watch them head out into the world and hope I did my job to start them out right." -Indy

"The hardest part of parenthood is trusting in yourself (and spouse) that you are raising good kids and teaching them solid values that will translate into them being hard working, honest and respectful adults. Unlike work, where you are given feedback on how you are doing, you just don’t always have the affirmation that you’re being a good parent." - Sitinee

What do I think is the hardest part of Motherhood?

Self sabotage.

I waste so much time doubting myself... So much time questioning myself... Researching my choices, changing my opinions, and fighting my gut feelings.

I wish I could go an entire day without doing that. Live an entire day, in the moment, with my favorite little gal, making parenting choices instinctively and naturally, rather than doing what I think other people would approve of or think is the "right" thing to do. I wish I had the balls to do that. I wish I had the balls to give zero f*cks and not care what people think. I put on a damn good show, don't get me wrong...acting like I've got it all together and that I could care less...

I guess that's the beauty of being behind a computer screen.

One day I'll be The Honest Mom in real life...One day we all will.

What is the hardest part about Motherhood for you?

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