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The Lamborghini of Baby Swings

Now that Olivia is getting older and growing out of things like clothes and toys, I'm really starting to reflect on how much we spend on baby items...

I went through Olivia's closet the other day and as I started taking out the clothes that she has outgrown I was disturbed by how many things she has never even worn...This chick has a whole wardrobe with the tags still attached! As I looked at the price tags I felt even worse.. and of course I don't save the receipts so I can't return anything..

At that moment, I looked around the nursery and really took it all in... I bought so much crap that this child did not need... Why you ask? Because I'm a sucker... The moment I found out I was pregnant I jumped online and was flooded with things that I "needed".

The most painful purchase was a top of the line baby swing.. I just HAD to have this baby swing...It was the Lamborghini of baby swings...and I bought it.. for over $250.00... and why??

...Because I saw it on an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'...

And the best part? Olivia HATED the swing.. She screamed bloody murder the second you set her in it. She never sat in it for longer than a few minutes at a time.. all that money.. down the toilet.. wasted.

I can't help but wonder if its because I'm a first time parent and I am just blissfully overindulgent, or if my urge to over spend on my child is a normal thing in parenting no matter how many children you have...

I am definitely planning on being more financially conscious from this point forward. We'll see how that turns out...

But, I've got to know... what is the craziest and/or most ridiculous thing you purchased for your children?

Howell, MI, USA

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