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5 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant, From The Girl Who HATED Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most natural and beautiful parts of life.

It is... I won't deny it.

But, it is also freaking terrible.

Insomnia, discomfort, sickness, weight gain, stretch marks, bizzare behaviors... I could literally go on all day about the horrors of pregnancy.

From my obsessive craving for nachos, to my bizarre need to chew ice and sniff fabric softener sheets, I could not wait for my pregnancy to be over. And while I am so blessed and fortunate to be able to carry healthy babies, it was still one of the hardest and most frustrating times of my life.

Now that we are considering expanding our family yet again, I'm starting to look back and think of the parts of pregnancy that I actually do miss, even if they are few and far between.

1. Eating without judgement


Eating whatever the hell I wanted without judgement was the best! Cheese fries for breakfast, sure. Ice cream at 2 AM? YASSS. The best part wasn't even just being able to eat what I wanted, it was the fact that people would go out of their way to bring me the food my little sea monkey fetus desired! I felt like a Disney Princess. I was an overweight, blonde Moana on a journey to find the food that would please my unborn child. Ugh, it was heaven...until I gained 85 pounds and took 10 months to lose it all again... I'm sure next time around I'll still chow down like a hot dog eating contest winner, but this time I'll try to find a better balance. With great power, comes great responsibility right?

2. Doing crazy things and being able to blame it on pregnancy

I don't know about you, but I blamed every single crazy thing I did on being pregnant. It's so easy, and generally people don't question it. I mean who is gonna question a pregnant lady right? Especially a person that has never been pregnant before. Pregnancy is a wild roller coaster. It will make you a straight up crazy person. I could go from laughing to crying to yelling in like 30 seconds flat. I went on a shopping spree of cleaning supplies about a month before Olivia was born. If my memory serves me I spent like $100 on bleach and cleaning wipes.. who does that? I freaking crazy pregnant person, that's who.

3. Dressing for comfort

Oh girl....the stretchy maternity shirts and pants...The thing that dreams are made of. Totally one of the best parts of pregnancy. Being able to dress mainly for comfort and no one judges freeing. I actually don't think I wore any ACTUAL pants during my pregnancy. #leggingsforlife.

4. Laughing at the crazy advice people gave me

The people you love will give you the weirdest advice. I actually think that makes it even funnier. The friends and family you always thought were normal are always the ones to surprise you with the wild advice! Natural home remedies, birthing tips, child rearing advice...there is no shortage of strange and absurd information that people will dump on you. Just take it with a grain of salt and ultimately do what you think is best for yourself. Everyone has their opinions, but lucky for you, you get to make the final choices.

5. The excitement

In all honesty, the absolute best part that I miss about pregnancy is the excitement of it all. You make this life changing step into the great unknown and the possibilities are endless. In 9 short (although at times it feels never ending) months, you create this amazing human being that will change your life and everything you think you know. IT IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING...but so exciting.. It's a total adrenaline rush.

Ughh... Pregnancy was the WORST at least 80% of the time... but you only do it a few times in your life if you're lucky...So maybe I'm being a little bit of a negative Nancy... It wasn't all that bad...

Who knows... Maybe I'll hop back on the roller coaster again for another 9 months of psychosis...

To be continued...

By the way, The Real Housewives GIFs were totally not planned, but I couldn't resist.. They. Are. Gold.

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