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5 Things I'll Miss about the Toddler Years

Ugh, the toddler years....

I am right in the thick of it. Behind every corner a new and interesting adventure awaits me. You know, like diaper blowouts made worse by my child trying to rip her diaper from her body, or my child discovering the toilet brush and carrying it through the living room (while I'm praying to God that she didn't think it was a giant toothbrush)...

It's been quite an interesting ride so far, and I'm sure it won't fail to surprise me until my kiddo is a grown adult...and even then I'm sure she'll throw a few wild cards my way.

I've decided that although I may be excited to be rid of the chaos that surrounds the toddler years, I know that there will be certain parts that I'll miss dearly (at least of what I've experienced so far).

Here they are:

1. Something new is learned or achieved every day

I'm sure this isn't something that will completely stop when we exit the toddler years, but I don't think it will quite be the same. Nothing compares to the feeling when your kiddo says their first word, or learns a new word, or sleeps in their toddler bed for the first time. I can't lie, it definitely builds my confidence as a parent. "Yes! I'm not a failure of a Mom! I MUST be doing something right!" But, it also builds confidence in my kid. I can see the excitement and confidence in her expressions and actions. It is so incredibly rewarding.

2. Strangulation hugs

Never in my life would I have thought I'd miss near death experiences, but there is LITERALLY nothing like a good strangulation hug. My kid is just so overcome with love and affection for me, that she has to channel every ounce of her energy to squeeze me as tightly as humanly possible. The less I can breathe, the better...And I need to enjoy it now, because by the time the teenage years hit, I'm sure my kiddo will want to strangle me for many reasons other than love...

3. Late night snuggles

One of my favorite parts of the evening is when it's just before my kiddo's bedtime. She walks that fine line between slap happy and knocked the f**k out. She makes her way slowly over to the couch and wiggles her way as close to me as possible. I love it. Ugh. I love it, I love it, I love it. I know it won't be long until my child wants absolutely nothing to do with me, so I need to cherish it now!

4. Slobber filled kisses

My child literally licked my face yesterday. It was disgusting, but I could've cried tears of joy. How bizarre is that? My kiddo could spit in my general direction, and I'd lose my mind over how sweet the "kiss" was. I will gladly accept slobber kisses any day, any time, and any place.

5. Deciphering baby language

If it's one thing I've gotten impressively good at since becoming a parent, it's deciphering baby cues and language. I could be a Charades champion of the world. Sounding out words, pointing at things, asking leading questions, I am a professional at this point...but I wouldn't have it any other way...There are no dull moments in our house!

There you have it. Those are some of the things I'll miss the most once the toddler years are over...

What are some things that you miss or will miss?

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