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How to Throw the Ultimate Mermaid Birthday Party

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE to entertain. Throwing parties gives me so much satisfaction, especially when I throw a totally over the top party that goes perfectly. Ugh, it's a rush, and I live for it. If the party doesn't look like Pinterest threw up on it, it is not a party thrown by me...

I mean honestly, how did people even throw an event before Pinterest?!?!?!

A few weeks ago, I threw my kiddo a fabulously over the top, mermaid themed birthday party, and it was AMAZING!

Are you thinking about throwing a mermaid themed shindig?

Here is how I did it:


I wanted to keep it simple with the food because last year I went a little overboard for Olivia's "Minnie Mouse Club House" 1st birthday! (I try to learn from experience, but sometimes I can't help myself!) As I scrolled Pinterest, I saw the cutest sandwich idea that used sliced croissants to look like little crabs. I decided to do a variety of turkey, chicken, and ham sandwiches. We also made sea star shaped PB&J for the kids! To go with the sandwiches, I selected a handful of "under the sea" themed foods. As side dishes I had shells and cheese and pasta seashell salad. I also did a variety of themed appetizers; Spinach dip (seaweed dip), veggies, pretzel rods (drift wood), Cheetos (coral reef), pigs in a blanket (sea snails), fishy crackers, and grapes (fish eggs).


I am the QUEEN of dessert! Choosing party sweets is one of my favorite things to do! When I throw parties I generally like to do a dessert table, as opposed to just having one dessert. For this party, I did a spread that included cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, and chocolates. Olivia's God Mother (and my BFF) made a GORGEOUS cake as well!


Decorating is probably my least favorite thing to do, but no birthday party is complete without decorations! Because we invited a larger number of people, I focused most of my decorating efforts on the walls so there wasn't anything cluttering the flow of traffic through my house. I picked up some adorable mermaid decorations for Party City and Target (yasssss Target is life!). We had fish netting on the walls, balloons, party hats, and my Mom did a really cute wall decoration with streamers to look like seaweed! The biggest piece of decor we had was a mermaid scale wall! My Mom and I slaved over the wall for an entire day, but it turned out so cute!


If it's anything that I've learned from throwing kid parties, it's that there HAVE to be great activities to keep the kiddos from going crazy! We had about 10 kids at the party, all ranging in age from 1 1/2, all the way to 12! I kept the party activities pretty typical by doing a pinata and having goodie bags for all the kids. I opted for a pull string pinata because we had quite a few younger kids that wouldn't be able to hit the pinata. Each child took a turn pulling a string to see if the pinata would break. It was so fun to watch! Aside from that, I kept it pretty low key. I had some of Olivia's bigger toys in the living room for the kids to play with, and we also had a lot of great toys outside for them.

This mermaid party was such a blast. If you're looking to plan a mermaid party, I hope some of what I did works for you! Thank God for Pinterest! #SortaCraftyMom

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