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To The Woman Who Thought She Was Intruding, You Have No Idea How Much I Needed You

The most horrible then amazing thing happened to me yesterday...

Just when I think I'll lose hope in all humanity, I'm reminded good people are still out there.

Let me set the scene for you...

If you've followed any of my posts about my motherhood journey, you know that I have an amazingly beautiful, but incredibly spirited toddler. Because of her fierce curiosity and free spirited nature, it is a challenge taking her places that require cooperation, like a restaurant or a store...

Olivia is a free spirit

If I'm being completely honest, my kid is basically a wild animal, and I struggle sometimes with her in public. The word most people use to describe her is inquisitive, but really... let's just call it what it is...

Well, yesterday I made the brave decision to take Olivia to the outlet mall near my house because I am in desperate need of clothes.

As Soon as we got out of the car, I knew I made a grave mistake...

We went into the first store and Olivia took off like a rocket. She was trying like hell to run while I held her hand and struggled to look for something that would accentuate my bangin mom bod (Pause for dramatic effect; I'm basically a walking train wreck, but, I'm working on it).

As Olivia fought me to free herself and run wild, I caught the eye of a lady that was giving me the most JUDGMENTAL and dirty look I have ever gotten in my life. That is when the feeling of anxiety initially hit me. I felt like the woman was following me through the store, continuing to judge me and waiting to see how I would handle the situation. It actually made me so uncomfortable that I finally just picked Olivia up and left the store.

Feeling defeated, I decided to walk to another store and try my luck. Olivia loved walking around outside, but absolutely did not want to go into the next store. After fussing with her for a few minutes in front of the store, I picked her up and walked in. As we entered, Olivia started flailing and crying for me to put her down. I struggled for a moment when a woman standing by the door caught my attention.

She walked up to Olivia and I and started talking to us. She asked Olivia if she was okay, and complimented her outfit. She then asked Olivia if she would like to sit in a cart. Olivia was either so distracted by the stranger, or intrigued by the conversation, that she stopped crying and watched the woman intently.

At first I thought the woman worked for the store, until she walked over and grabbed a cart for me and I noticed she had a purse with her. The woman returned to us, and helped me get Olivia into the cart. The woman then apologized for over stepping, and said she remembered a time when she could've used a helping hand.

I think I was almost in shock. This lady was so incredibly kind. I thanked her and told her how much it meant to me that she took the time to help me.

As she left, I had to pinch myself. After having someone be so cruel and thoughtless at that first store, how was someone just so amazingly thoughtful?

I've seen so many viral posts on social media about random acts of kindness between mothers, but I never thought I'd experience it myself. Good people do exist. Good, kind, thoughtful, and considerate people. People that recognize when another person needs a helping hand or a kind word.

I cannot wait for my chance to brighten another Mamas day. Not that I hope to come across a Mother in distress, but, if I do, I will take the time to stop or just give a reassuring look. One little act can make a difference.

How have you made a difference lately?

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