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5 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is amazing. It really is a true miracle to be able to create and grow a tiny human inside yourself. And to be given that gift, when many don't have it is such a blessing...

Have I sold you yet?

In all honesty, pregnancy is natural and beautiful, but those 9+ months JACK. YOU. UP.

I mean, let's be real. There are so many things that happen to your mind and body during pregnancy that you don't know about until you're in the thick of it. If it wasn't for the "baby bliss amnesia" after giving birth, I can't imagine why anyone would go through it again after the first time.

Of all the terrifying and bizarre things that happen during pregnancy, here are my top 5!

1. Stretch Marks

UGH. my body is COVERED in these horrid scars. Although I'm sure my ridiculous weight gain didn't help the situation, I definitely did not expect such extreme stretch marks. My thighs, hips, stomach, and even my boobs are covered with little dark purple and silver stripes. I used all the creams people recommended to me, and still, these suckers popped up over night towards the end of pregnancy. I love and admire the people that feel empowered by their stretch marks, and I wish I could be like them, but I just can't. I hate, hate, hate them, and would love to get rid of them if I could. Maybe one day I'll appreciate these battle wounds, but that day is not today...

2. Metabolism

The moment my child came out of the womb it was like my metabolism slammed on the brakes. It blows my mind...Completely blows my mind... I literally eat a cookie and I can see it on my ass the next day. I have NEVER had such a hard time losing weight before. I gain a pound just by driving past a fast food restaurant. It has really been an adjustment to find ways to boost my metabolism, but I've definitely found some great ways to help, like taking the right mix of vitamins and weight training. My metabolism might be slow, but there is nothing else slowing this Mama down, look out!

3. Amazing skin

This is one of the bizarre but AMAZING things that happened after pregnancy. Before I had Olivia I was a total pizza face. White heads, oily skin, cystic acne, you name it, my face was covered in it. It was painful and gross, and I was constantly searching for the cure. Within a few months of pregnancy my wild hormones must have done the trick, because since then I have had EXCELLENT skin. I honestly can even remember the last time I had a break out (knock on wood!), and I doubt its from the deep clean I get from using baby wipes to wash my face. This is one side effect of pregnancy that I am thankful for!

4. Extra Skin??

Again, I'm sure my excessive weight gain didn't help this situation, but COME ON... everything is drooping these days...does it ever go back to "normal"?? My stomach is a TOTAL disaster. My belly button is nonexistent at this point. I could probably smuggle a small item in there.. It. Is. TERRIFYING. Maybe by the time I'm done having children there will be some miracle skin tightener that doesn't include a tummy tuck (even after birthing a 10 lbs baby, I'm a sissy). We all have to have dreams, right?

5.Pancake boob

THIS IS WHY THE BOMBSHELL BRA WAS CREATED...this is it folks...right here.. Pancake boob... ugh.. THE WORST. It is so sad when you really think about it. You child LITERALLY sucks the cleavage and perkiness OUT OF YOU... I know, I know, I sound so cynical about breastfeeding, but I promise I'm not. I breastfed and pumped (I wish I could've done it longer than I did) and in the short time that I could sustain it, my boobs turned into flat tires. I can only imagine the horror of how they would look if I was able to do it longer! Pancake boob is terrible, but definitely manageable if you've got the right bra... I supposed I'll survive with my little saggy mosquito bite boobs...

Alright, those are my top 5!! But I want to know yours!! What are the most bizarre ways your body changed after pregnancy?

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