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Why I Can Never be a Stay at Home Mom

Now before I dive into this topic, let me slap a big, fat disclaimer on here about what type of Mom I am, and how I feel about other Moms...

I am a working Mom. I've talked about it a million times, and I am so comfortable with it. There are amazing things about being a working Mom, and there are horrible things about being a working Mom.

Now obviously I don't know first hand what it's like to be a stay at home Mom, but I'm sure there are both positives and negatives, the same as being a working Mom.

I literally have ZERO preference or insight into which type of "mothering" is better. I'm sure both options suck equally, and are equally amazing. It is my opinion that whatever works for your family and for you as a Mom is the 100% right thing to do.

With that being said, here are some reasons why I (personally) could NEVER be a stay at home Mom...

p.s. Please don't judge me...

1. I do not Possess the Level of Patience that it Takes

I wish I could say that I have the patience and tolerance to spend 24 hours a day, every single day, with my toddler. If I'm being completely honest, sometimes I think I might lose my shit after only a few hours. I love my strong willed child to death, please don't get me wrong, but I enjoy that little break I get when I go to work. I enjoy getting to escape my house and go have intelligent conversations that don't involve Puppy Dog Pals or pretend tea parties.

2. If I'm Honest, I'm not "Fun" Enough

I really don't think I'm fun enough to keep my child occupied and stimulated all day, every day. Quite frankly, I think my kid would HATE spending every single day with me, because I'd probably just do the same three activities over and over. As much as I wish that I was the "fun" Mom, I fully accept that I'm not...

3. I'm not Creative Enough

I can steal a craft off of Pinterest any day, but I CANNOT think of original and creative things to do with my kiddo... Call me a copy cat, fine, but at least I can admit my shortcomings right? I could think of new ways to market and advertise a business ALL DAY LONG...But kids activities that are both fun and educational...nope... not my forte....

4. I'm too Scared

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little afraid of my toddler... That's normal right? A little bit of fear never hurt anyone, right? Honestly though, I'm more afraid of letting my kiddo down than actually being afraid of her. I never want her to think I'm a boring or bad parent. If she spent that much one on one time with me, she might make that realization... and I CANNOT handle that pressure...So I take myself out of the equation by working 40 hours a week....Totally not irrational...

5. I'm Selfish

I hate to say it, but I'll admit it... I'm too selfish to be a stay at home Mom... I crave that adult human interaction. I'm just not ready to give it up. Hopefully people won't judge me for that, but it's just how I feel. I like working. I like continuing to grow in my career and as a woman. Not that I think staying home would limit that, because I don't, I just feel like leaving the house and working helps me to move in the direction that I want to go in.

So there it is... Some may judge me for these reasons, but it is just the way I honestly I feel. I still believe that I'm a good parent. I just accept and understand my shortcomings.. I guess?

Anyone else relate?

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